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Cyberpunk indie Solace State announces release window with new trailer

On Tuesday, indie developer Vivid Foundry participated in the IGN x ID@Xbox Digital Showcase to show off a new trailer announcing the release window for its upcoming 3-D, cyberpunk narrative game, Solace State. It will release for Xbox and PC sometime between August and September of this year.

The IGN x ID@Xbox Digital Showcase was an event put together by the two companies to help bring more visibility to various upcoming indie titles by showing off announcements, trailers, and gameplay. Xbox is also kicking off its annual Summer Game Demo Fest on Tuesday. Between July 11 and 17, players will be able to download and play ID@Xbox games that have demos on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One.

Beyond showing off on the Xbox/IGN platforms, this trailer has some star-power behind the mic as well. It was narrated by Filipino voice actor Vanille Velasquez, who is known as the vocals behind Zeri in League of Legends and Neon in VALORANT.

Solace State is a 3-D, cyberpunk, story-driven game about a young woman named Chloe who uses her hacking skills to try to empower both her friends and her city in the midst of a militarized, biotech conspiracy. She’s also searching for a friend of hers who has mysteriously gone missing.

The game has 38 possible endings; which one you get will depend on your social engineering skills and how you handle Chloe’s various relationships throughout her journey. There are 31 characters in this game, three of whom are dateable.

Players can look forward to navigating the dangerous conspiracy of Solace State while looking for love sometime between August and September of this year on both Xbox and PC.

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