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Code Coven announces studio accreditation to create systematic changes in the games industry

Code Coven has revealed their brand new venture called Evolve: The Studio Accreditation with the purpose of creating accountability and systematic changes within the games industry.

Partnering with GamesIndustry.Biz, Evolve looks aims to create real change across the games industry at a pace that has “never been done before.”

Code Coven’s mission has always been to increase representation within games at all levels, both off and on screen. They have provided for marginalized developers with the skills necessary to pass through the games industry. Now, with Evolve, Code Coven wants to take another step forward and better the games industry.

Evolve wants to set an example of positivity and betterment through positive collaboration and best practices, where the aim is to ensure that companies understand the goals, expectations, and frameworks necessary to establish and strengthen inclusivity within the gaming space.

“This is the first step towards creating real accountability in the industry.” Cinzia Musio, Co-CEO at Code Coven stated. “I genuinely believe that with studios on board, we can make a real change within the space. This truly is the first of its kind accreditation.”

East Side Games, the studio behind games such as Doctor Who: Lost in Time and RuPaul’s Drag Race Superstar, is the first studio confirmed to take part in the accreditation. Josh Nilson, founder at East Side Games, said, “We are excited and honored to go through Evolve: The Studio Accreditation process with our amazing team at ESG. If anyone can disrupt the gaming space, it’s Code Coven, and I think this is an important step in the right direction.”

Julie Yang, Director of People & Culture at East Side Games, also added that being part of the accreditation program conveys East Side Games’ commitment to their organization, and to the broader gaming community in advancing “equity, diversity, and inclusion.” She continued, “this process has been incredibly valuable, providing us with meaningful insights that will inform and guide our continuous efforts in EDI. We hope other studios will join us in this journey!”

The accreditation reviews studio policies and culture, as well as investigate how employees are feeling about their place of employment. As for the studios themselves, they will be required to fill out a questionnaire that has been labeled as “extensive.” The questionnaire will ask about benefits, policies, compensation, as well as representation at the studio.

Studios who take part in Evolve will not only receive its accreditation and level, but an extensive report surrounding the employee survey, as well as a guide on what to do next to help them improve their diversity, equity and inclusion journey.

Alongside the accreditation, will be hosting a searchable job portal to allow studios to shine through their Evolve accreditation – meaning if you’re applying for a job that happens to have an Evolve accreditation, you’ll be able to make a fair judgment about the job — and studio — you’re applying for.

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