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Support queer creators with the Queer Games Bundle 2023

Pride Month is here, and it’s starting with a bang with Queer Games Bundle 2023.

Founded by Taylor McCue and Nilson Carrol, the Queer Games Bundle has become a staple for queer gamers during Pride Month, with the first-ever bundle being released back in 2021. It has featured a variety of different works from developers and creators across the world, offering games, comics, TTRPGs, and a whole lot more.

The best part is that you can get all of this amazing content for just $60 – the price of one AAA game. But instead of just one game, you get a bundle of over 450 games, software, and zines from nearly 300 different queer artists, developers, and content creators across and elsewhere. If you ask us, that’s not a bad deal.

Of course, if that’s still a lot of money, then don’t sweat it. There is also a Pay What You Can $10-$20+ sliding scale bundle as well, but the team does actively encourage everyone to try and purchase the $60 version if they can so all creators can get the full support they deserve.

As we state every year, queer developers and creators are incredibly talented but are so often overlooked within the games industry. So it’s important to uplift and highlight their work whenever possible.

Here are just a handful of the brilliant games involved in the bundle.

  • Ladykiller in a Bind
  • Lookouts
  • Small Town Emo
  • Life After Magic
  • Sorry, We Have A Policy
  • Curse In Bloom

And a whole lot more.

To find out more about the games, software, and zines you can access within this bundle, visit the Queer Games Bundle 2023 over on

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