Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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New label Mooncat Games is bringing diverse indies into the spotlight

Today, Player Two PR introduced the world to its new sister agency, indie game publishing label: Mooncat Games. The goal of this label is to “support small teams in making the games they’ve always wanted to make.”

“We aspire to always maintain a friendly, helpful, and positive presence with our studio partners,” the publisher states on its website. “After all, we got into the games industry to help the people who make games that we ourselves love! And even in times of stress and pressure, we believe there’s power in focusing on optimism, trust, and teamwork to achieve even our most lofty goals.”

Mooncat Games was created with the aim to help indie developers navigate the entirety of the world of video game development, including PR, marketing, localization, storefront management, and platform partnerships. Additionally, a portion of Mooncat’s proceeds from each game sale will go towards a charitable organization of the game studio’s choice.

So far, the new indie label has three collaborations, each of which are inclusive games that include LGBTQ+ characters or themes. One is The Garden Path from carrotcake, a slice-of-life sim about the joy of gardening that features anthropomorphic plants with a variety of pronouns and gender expressions. Another is Remnants of the Rift from Bromio, an early-access, rogue-lite, strategy game starring a nonbinary mercenary who can dive between dimensions. Mooncat’s third addition to its label is A Long Journey to an Uncertain End from Crispy Creative, a visual novel space opera where you play as a sentient ship with a diverse crew.

Remnants of the Rift is already out now in early-access, while A Long Journey to an Uncertain End releases on June 28, and The Garden Path is set to release sometime later in 2023.

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