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Overwatch 2 devs are ‘actively’ discussing adding trans representation

According to an interview with Dexerto published on Wednesday, the development team at Activision Blizzard behind Overwatch 2 are “always” in talks about how to add representation to the game, which includes trans representation as well.

As Overwatch 2 is preparing to start its Pride celebrations for this year, Dexerto sat down with some of the developers to ask them about future plans for either adding a new transgender hero or having an existing one come out as trans.

“That’s definitely a conversation we have on this team, and it’s something that matters to us,” senior narrative designer Jen Stacey told Dexerto.

She went on to tease that there may already be a trans hero or coming out story in the works behind the scenes at Blizzard. That said, there was no actual confirmation that this will be the case as Stacey kept things fairly vague in the interview with Dexerto.

“I can’t talk too much about our future development plans for any of our heroes. Definitely know that’s something we think about and talk about,” Stacey said.

Hopefully this potential inclusion of a transgender character will be faster and smoother than the development team’s integration of a Black woman character — which notoriously took longer than the entire life of the first Overwatch, despite developer assurances that Sojourn was in the works after her reveal in 2016.

According to Stacey, “No hero that we’re creating in Overwatch that’s upcoming is created just to check a box. We’re creating them to tell a story.”

For now we’ll have to wait and see who the Overwatch 2 characters that are currently in the pipeline will be. Season 6 of the hero-shooter will introduce another support character, while Season 8 will add another tank. It remains to be seen if either of these upcoming characters will be transgender.

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