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Overwatch 2 Pride Event Guide – How to earn Pride cosmetics in Overwatch 2

A Pride event for Overwatch 2 is finally here, giving players a handful of free Pride-related cosmetics that they can use to express themselves while playing the hero-shooter.

Despite fans requesting the live service game celebrate Pride for several years now, there won’t be too much of a splash for the game’s first event outside of the cosmetics. It also seems only to be relegated to Name Cards and Player Icons, too. Disappointing as that may be for some players, there is some good news to be found: all of these cosmetics will be free.

Below you’ll find all of the Overwatch 2 Pride cosmetics that’ll be coming on June 1.

Overwatch 2 Pride Name Cards
  • Lesbian Tracer Name Card
  • Pride Tracer Name Card
  • Gay Pride Soldier: 76 Name Card
  • Pride Soldier: 76 Name Card
  • Pansexual Lifeweaver Name Card
  • Pride Lifeweaver Name Card
  • Lesbian Pharah Name Card
  • Pride Pharah Name Card
  • Bisexual Baptiste Name Card
  • Pride Baptiste Name Card
  • Lena and Emily Spray for Tracer
  • Agender Pride Name Card
  • Asexual Pride Name Card
  • Aromantic Pride Name Card
  • Bisexual Pride Name Card
  • Gay Pride Name Card
  • Genderfluid Pride Name Card
  • Intersex Pride Name Card
  • Lesbian Pride Name Card
  • Non-Binary Pride Name Card
  • Pansexual Pride Name Card
  • Transgender Pride Name Card
  • Overwatch Pride Name Card
  • Progress Pride Name Card
  • Intersex-Inclusive Progress Pride Name Card
Overwatch 2 Pride Player Icons
  • Agender Flag Player Icon
  • Aromantic Flag Player Icon
  • Asexual Flag Player Icon
  • Bisexual Flag Player Icon
  • Gay Flag Player Icon
  • Genderfluid Flag Player Icon
  • Intersex Flag Player Icon
  • Lesbian Flag Player Icon
  • Non-binary Flag Player Icon
  • Pansexual Flag Player Icon
  • Transgender Flag Player Icon
  • Progress Pride Flag Player Icon
  • Intersex-Inclusive Progress Player Icon
  • Overwatch Pride Player Icon

The Overwatch 2 Pride cosmetics will be made available for everyone* who logs in on June 1. These cosmetics will be opt-in, meaning that they will be included regardless of whether you want them to be or not.

*Countries that are not tolerant of LGBTQ+ identities will not have access to the in-game Pride cosmetics.

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