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Gayme of the Week: It gets so lonely here

It gets so lonely here is a yandere, yuri visual novel from ebi-hime that just released for free on Steam. The game mimics dark fairytales, following a girl running through the woods trying to escape from something. Eventually she stumbles upon a fork in the road with three pathways. Each leads to a different location, and to an extraordinary girl who is much more than she seems. The game has content warning for obsessive love, bullying, and cannibalism, so be warned before you check It gets so lonely here out.

The story is narrated by someone who seems to know the girl and about her past, which they drop hints and pieces of throughout her journey. Like the dark fairytales of old, each of these paths takes a dark turn before long, leading to unique and gruesome deaths for our protagonist.

Screenshot from It gets so lonely here of the options to go to the shore, to the village, or to the castle.

As a yandere visual novel, It gets so lonely here tackles themes of obsession and possessiveness, as well as how loneliness and insecurity can make us vulnerable to these traps in relationships. The protagonist is someone whose parents basically abandoned her at a conservatory for wealthy girls once they started having financial concerns. The other girls at this school bullied her mercilessly, ultimately ostracizing her from every social group. Because of this, she is a desperate, lonely person who wants nothing more than to please. This leads her down the paths to her varying deaths, as she cannot see the red flags of danger presented to her until it is much too late.

While the creatures in this are definitely more beautiful than gruesome, it’s definitely a must-play for any monster f*ckers out there, as It gets so lonely here perfectly understands the willingness to look past fear in order to feel loved, even if the one loving you is monstrous and dangerous. Anyone with experience with possessive or abusive relationships will also likely resonate with the themes of this game, so tread carefully as needed.

It gets so lonely here is available now for free on Steam.

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