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DIGIPRIDE 2023 brings three months of Pride

Hot off the heels of the Gayming Awards, we look to celebrate Pride through DIGIPRIDE 2023 – an online event that runs from May through July right here on Gayming Magazine and across Twitch.

Instead of just one singular month of Pride, we dare to ask the question: what about three?

You can expect a variety of different events throughout May to July, such as DIGIPRIDE panels, special episodes of Let’s Go Gayming, special episodes of Gayming Podcast Live, and much more to be revealed as the event goes on.

Alongside exciting events, you can expect exclusive ‘money can’t buy’ competitions, reviews, features, and interviews here at Gayming Magazine.

DIGIPRIDE is proudly presented by Healthysexual, Wizards of the Coast, and Xbox, and sponsored by Devolver Digital and Marvelous Europe.

Below you’ll be able to see ‘What’s On’ throughout the three months of DIGIPRIDE 2023.


May 7 – Gayming Podcast: Video Games vs Mental Health

Hosted by Miabyte and featuring GRZLY, Mxiety, Whinnaay & Rosie from Safe In Our World.

May 21 – Gayming Podcast: AAPI Heritage Panel

Celebrating AAPI Heritage Month, we’ve gathered some awesome AAPI streamers to talk about why this month is so important. Hosted by Angeless and featuring DeeNugLife, ItsKamaKani, YakuzaMom & NicoMalaon.

May 23 – Coloring Outside the Lines: the impact of LGBTQ comics

Panel talk featuring Joe Glass & Matt Miner (recent Gayming Awards winners), Sina Grace (Gayming Awards nominee) and Stephanie Williams.

May 28 – Let’s Go Gayming: DIGIPRIDE Derby

Streamers take to the tracks for charity in Mario Kart! Featuring Luke Boogie, Espé Symoné & Willow.


June 3 & 4 – The Pride Cup

Watch all the fun of the first ever esports competitions at The Pride Cup. Tune in from 12 noon ET each day to watch all the fun. More info to follow.

June 5 – Gayming Podcast: Online Bigotry

How do we combat bigotry online? How do we work to defeat homophobia, biphobia and transphobia? This panel talk aims to address the key issues and some practical solutions. Hosted by Psyche, and featuring DEERE, Radderss and more.

June 14 – Diversity in the Games Industry: positive contributions of diverse organizations

Panel talk featuring some of the nominees for the Industry Diversity Award at this year’s Gayming Awards.

June 16 – SLAYPEX Tournament

Gayming is proud to sponsor the Pride edition of SLAYPEX, a POC-founded LGBTQ Apex Tournament hosted by Kylie Gabor. Stream starts at 4pm PT, 7pm ET, midnight UK.

June 19 – Juneteenth with NYC Gaymers

A collab with NYC Gaymers to celebrate Juneteenth and discuss its importance both in the US and around the world

June 24 – Gayming House Party

A night of fun and mischief as we raise funds for Stream for a Cause.


July 9 – Gayming Podcast: Disability Pride

We mark Disability Pride Month with this special edition of the Gayming Podcast.

July 11 – D&D Charity One Shot

The hugely popular DIGIPRIDE Charity One Shot returns to raise more money for charity!

July 16 – Gayming Podcast: International Drag Day

We celebrate International Drag Day by gathering some of the fiercest drag artists on Twitch for a special episode of the Podcast.

Taking part in the ongoing conversation surrounding DIGIPRIDE season is also plenty encouraged. To join the conversation, remember to use the #gayming tag over on TikTok.

To find a full list of all of the amazing events during DIGIPRIDE 2023, check out the event’s official page.

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