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Dead by Daylight reveals Chapter 23: End Transmission

As part of the anniversary celebrations for Dead by Daylight, Behavior Interactive announced the game’s next chapter: End Transmission. This time around, the asymmetric horror game is dipping into sci-fi scares with a brand new map.

In Dead by Daylight: End Transmission, players will venture into a new biome on a terrifying planet that was once home to an ancient civilization called Toba Landing. Players will navigate three different areas as they try to survive the oppressive atmosphere and aggressive local flora. The first is an area comprised of buildings left over by a greedy corporation called Huxlee, which aimed to explore and exploit other planets in the system. The second zone is a dense jungle, and the third is made up of ruins from an ancient civilization.

Beyond the new map, End Transmission will also introduce a new Killer and Survivor to the game. The Killer is called The Singularity, and is “a monstrous amalgamation of restructured organic matter and machine parts seeking to assimilate all organic life and become the perfect lifeform.” The Singularity is “an enlightened AI corrupted by alien technology” that is able to spy on Survivors anywhere on the map by using its utility to spread its consciousness around at will.

Meanwhile, the Survivor is a “talented technician” named Gabriel Soma who used to attend to the life pods (and people within them) on a spaceship. Soma is the lone survivor of a doomed mission, and uses his technical knowledge to wield an EMP, which can temporarily shut The Singularity down or free other Survivors from its gaze. He has a history of using his wits to avoid the Singularity and survive on this hostile planet.

Both new additions will also have special outfit options available for them. The Singularity is decked out in the Huxlee Hybrid cosmetic, which shows off some of the robotic material assimilated into its body. Gabriel Soma, meanwhile, can wear the E.V.A Suit cosmetic. This is protective gear worn on Toba Landing rescue missions.

Dead By Daylight: End Transmission will release on June 13 for PC on Steam, Windows, and the Epic Games Store, PS4/PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and the Nintendo Switch.

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