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Meet the Gayming Awards LGBTQ+ Rising Star Class of 2023

With the Gayming Awards edging closer and closer to being here, what better time than now to reveal our Rising Star Class of 2023?

The Gayming Awards Rising Star Class of 2023, sponsored by Logitech G, consists of 6 streamers, all of whom have made incredible strides in their streaming career over the last year and have made significant contributions to the LGBTQ+ world within the gaming space.

The following streamers have been chosen to be part of the prestigious class:

The 2023 Class were chosen by our Gayming Ambassadors, who were invited to nominate and judge the category.

We reached out to all the streamers involved to get their thoughts and feelings about becoming a member of the Rising Star Class.


BetweenTwoGays follow couple Jayce (he/him) and Ryan (they/them), variety streamers keen to try out anything and everything that tickles their fancy whether that be speedrunning the legendary Hades from Supergiant Games or messing around in EA Maxis’ The Sims 4.

“I’m really grateful to be a part of the Rising Star class! While BetweenTwoGays as a space is something that has changed a lot over the past year, having this recognition of the work we have done so far is incredibly validating.” Ryan of BetweenTwoGays told Gayming Magazine. “As a nonbinary person having space to be seen as myself is incredibly important, and doing that in a way that is visible – and proud is… invaluable.”

“The community that we have found, and created on the internet has been such a great place to allow others to have some of that experience as well. I am immensely grateful that I get to explore myself, and watch others doing the same. Being a part of the Rising Star class is reassurance that the space we have fostered – has been seen and felt by others.”

We also spoke to Jayce of BetweenTwoGays, who now streams on ‘LookingforJayce.’

“Being named a Rising Star for the Gayming Awards is an exciting and simultaneously complicated thing for me. Over the past year my partner Ryan and I have made some pretty big pivots in terms of streaming and content creation. We ultimately decided to separate out our content with me migrating to my own channel, LookingForJayce, and Ryan staying on our previously shared channel, BetweenTwoGays. This decision was made to reduce the strain on our relationship and allow each of us to more fully pursue our own interests in our content.”

Jayce continued. “Additionally it means a lot that with this recognition I’m able to be more visible as an HIV positive person who is healthy and mostly happy. Stigma around HIV is still such a huge thing that so many people deal with and having a platform where I can tell other people that they are not alone and don’t have to keep their status a secret is something for which I am incredibly grateful.”

“While I have come to accept that content creation is unlikely to ever be a job for me in the sense that it pays my bills I’m happy to have the recognition of the Gayming Awards as fuel to keep living authentically and visibly.”


Putting the B in LGBTQIA+, Blobarella (she/her) is a streamer from Texas who describes herself as “just a blob playing a variety of games.” She loves playing games with others and believes gaming should be fun!

“The irony of nominating a woman who struggles to rise out of bed in the morning due to her aging body as a Rising Star is not lost on me.” Blobarella told Gayming Magazine. “I’m a bisexual, hot mess, chaotic variety streamer. When I began my Twitch journey, there was no way for me to foresee the success and the incredible community I would have on the platform. I’m so thankful to have met the people I have, made the friends I have, and be surrounded by such an incredible queer community where we all celebrate being authentically ourselves.”

“In my two years on Twitch, I’ve struggled with an auto-immune disorder, lymphoma, two surgeries, and other health setbacks. I’ve had to take several extended breaks due to these health issues, being doxxed and needing to rebrand, and having a computer die beyond immediate repair. Before this begins to sound any more like a country song or a conversation had in half-face on Drag Race I should say I haven’t let these things define me or dull my spirit. Moving forward on my journey despite these obstacles shows the impact that the queer community can have in supporting one another and the power that comes from believing in yourself.”

And what advice did this Rising Star have to share? “I encourage everyone to embrace their authentic selves, never stop pursuing their goals and dreams, and to never let age or life circumstances shape their identity. Also remember if the camera can’t see whether or not you are wearing pants, they are optional.” Words to live by!



Born in Brooklyn, itsOnlyVega is just as good as a gamer as he is a chef! With various games up his sleeves and a heart of gold, we’re stoked to have him as one of our Rising Stars!

“I am really proud and honored for this recognition. As an LGBTQIA+ POC, it’s important to create a platform for awareness, acceptance, inclusivity, and representation. Twitch provided me with a global platform where I’ve had the opportunity to share my passion for gaming, the chance to participate in charity events, and the occasional saucy cooking stream.” Vega told Gayming Magazine. “I was a professional chef for about 7 years and this entire streaming experience has been quite the ride. It has played the largest part in my personal growth. I’ve gained more confidence, and understanding… and learning which side is my best side.”

“Honestly, I’m just forever grateful toward all the love and support from my community and my mods. They are the backbone for every streamer out there and I thank them all. We got here together.”

Madi du Vernay


Actor, Tiktoker, Cosplayer, Twitch Streamer, and overall legend, MadiDuVernay (she/they) is taking the world (and our Rising Star class) by storm.

“I take any recognition of me as a recognition of my community and how hard we have worked together to make our space safe for underrepresented folks.” MadiDuVernay told Gayming Magazine.

“Being considered for Rising Star shows our hard work is paying off. It’s always been my goal as a content creator to fight for the communities that my loved ones and I are a part of and have our voices heard, especially as a queer, disabled, black femme. We belong here. We are talented. And we will be seen. I want to continue to be a part of the change I want to see in this space and the world for those like me. And if people find solace in my stream or with my content, it means I’m doing something right. I look forward to my and my community’s continued growth and education.”



Marisol Lords (They/Them) is a Drag Queen based in Florida who started pursuing the art of drag during their move to Gainsville, Florida. They also love to play video games every Tuesday and Saturday over on Twitch and love to entertain! No wonder they’re part of our Rising Star Class!

“Being a rising star to me is having recognition within my profession.” Marisol Lords told Gayming Magazine. “In the two years of streaming and five years of being a drag entertainer, I’ve had amazing opportunities, which include traveling to perform across my home state of Florida and across the country as well.”

“I’ve been able to do charity work with SEGA, StreamQueens, Midboss, StreamForACause, and more. I’ve been a member of Twitch’s 2022 Hispanic Heritage Campaign and TwitchCon San Diego’s Drag Showcase. I champion for the LGBTQIA+ and Latin community and am living proof that determination and hard work will help you go far.”


Hailing from the UK, TheJustRyan (he/him) is a horror streamer and content creator focusing on all things Dead by Daylight. Their channel also highlights and encourages mental health and wellness; his streams have been described as a “mixture of chill gaming and hilarious nonsense.”

“I started streaming almost 3 years ago during the pandemic and wanted to try it out and see how it felt to stream games on Twitch. I never expected 3 years later to be where I am now, with an amazing community and to have an established audience and present on Twitch, and especially within the Queer community.” TheJustRyan told Gayming Magazine. “Being Gay on Twitch has its struggles. This time last year, I was struck with many hate raids from far-right hate groups from another site. I helped to lead the charge in stopping those hate raids and making sure Twitch noticed what was going on within their platform to help many LGBTQIA+ and POC streamers; It’s still one of my proudest moments knowing I helped to make a difference and didn’t stop yelling about until Twitch listened.”

“Becoming a Rising Star is such a huge honor and a surprise for me! I found out the week of my birthday that I was going to be receiving this award, and I have been so shocked ever since. It shows the acknowledgment not just of my content but of my presence on Twitch and that I am making a difference on the platform.”

“I’m delighted to welcome this new batch of streamers into the Rising Star Class of ’23. As rising stars, they’ve all shown they have the dynamism and dedication needed to make it as a streamer, as well as doing amazing things for the LGBTQ community.” Robin Gray, founder of Gayming Magazine states. “The ability to uplift and celebrate them is truly our honor.”

Each Rising Star Class member will get an incredible set of prizes including 12 months of Streamlabs Ultra Membership, the full collection of Logitech G Aurora accessories and peripherals, including matching Blue Yeti Aurora microphone, mentorships from Twitch Ambassadors, and appearances at this year’s Gayming LIVE!

Come see our Rising Star Class of 2023 thrive at The Gayming Awards 2023 by watching live on Twitch on April 18. See for more information.

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