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The Last of Us Season 1 finale brought heartbreak and cameos

The Last of Us has emotionally devastated us ever since it first aired back in mid January. So let’s be honest, we’re not too surprised that the finale decided to finish us off with even more emotional damage than usual, and not just because of those The Last of Us cameos.

This article will have spoilers for both The Last of Us game and the TV show, so if that isn’t your thing, come back later.

The finale brought the pain, with Joel and Ellie finally reaching the Fireflies and a potential cure for the Cordyceps infection. There was just one slight problem: the operation on Ellie for the cure could well have been a failure, and would most certainly have meant her death. Much like the video game, Joel doesn’t take this lying down and fights to the end to save Ellie and, depending on where you stand, dooming the rest of humanity in the process. Those are the breaks, folks.

As heartbreaking as the finale was, it also gave players of The Last of Us its fair share of cameos. The first being Ashley Johnson as Anna Williams, Ellie’s mother and a close friend of Marlene’s. Johnson portrayed and gave voice to Ellie in the video game, which made her giving birth to the show Ellie feel somewhat significant in the scheme of things – especially as we don’t meet Ellie’s mother in the original game. What the show implies is that Anna being bitten while still being attached to Ellie via her umbilical cord could be a reason for Ellie being immune to the infection, however it is not outright confirmed. An interesting concept all the same.

Johnson wasn’t the only cameo to feature in The Last of Us finale. Eagle-eyed viewers and fans of the game no doubt noticed that Laura Bailey, the voice of The Last of Us Part 2’s most polarising character, Abby, starred as one of the nurses in the operation room. During this scene Joel shoots the head doctor dead before running off with Ellie. Bailey’s presence in this scene is painfully ironic considering it’s Joel’s murder of her father that fuels her quest for vengeance in the first place.

With this not so subtle head-nod to Abby, let us give viewers a little warning: if you thought Season 1 was traumatic, then honey you’ve got a big storm coming in Season 2.

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