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10 must-play indie games starring queer women

It’s International Women’s Day, which means it’s time to pay homage to the women of the world and all they contribute. Though things have been improving in the past five years or so, women are still often pushed to the sidelines when it comes to starring in video games, and queer women are no different. That said, AAA games have been improving with more and more representation each year. But indies have always been a space for queer developers to create their own stories. So to help you celebrate International Women’s Day in style, we’ve compiled a list of ten stellar indie games starring queer women.

10 must-play indie games starring queer women

A Summer’s End: Hong Kong 1986

This is a visual novel starring two young women named Sam and Michelle who live in Hong Kong in 1986. A new era of political unrest is on the horizon and both women have to contend with social norms and their own hang-ups if they want to find happiness together.


Players take on the role of a scientist and mother who is essentially the local witch of the woods. One night, intruders enter the house, and you must protect your son from them, while slowly revealing your past with your former wife and how your son came to exist.

Brilliant Shadows

Brilliant Shadows is a fantasy visual novel about a necromancer and a paladin who are best friends before their bonding ceremony complicates everything. Instead of being paired together for life, the two are separated with Prudence the paladin forming a bond with a man, while Ash the necromancer is left with a binding mark but no partner to show for it. Upon setting out to try to find her missing partner, Ash and her friends find themselves tangled in a deeper web of lies, intrigue and political struggle.

Get in the Car, Loser!

In this turn-based RPG, players control a party of mostly queer women college students (and a nonbinary smokeshow) as they take a road trip across the land to protect a stolen magical sword that can defeat the returning machine devil and its dirtbag cultists.

Super Lesbian Animal RPG

This is a classic party-based RPG starring a healer named Melody, her girlfriend Allison, and their friends — a rule-bending witch named Claire and a dependable knight named Jodie. The four are relatively new to the hero-ing business, and they have a lot to learn if they want to change the fate of their town in this game about love, anxiety, and fighting funny looking monsters.

Princess Farmer

Princess Farmer is a unique combination of visual novel and match-three game about being an anthropomorphic rabbit who becomes a magical farming princess after she wakes up under the Gaia Tree one day. Something mysterious is happening in the forest, and it’s up to you to figure it out while growing fresh veggies, making combos, and building relationships with the game’s other characters.

Heaven Will Be Mine

This visual novel is set in a future where humanity has ventured far into space using advanced mech technology and is facing a fissure over the future of the species. Players can choose between one of three pilots from each major faction to play through the story from their perspective, choosing which of your rivals you battle or flirt with, and which faction gains more power as you advance.


Signalis is a survival horror game in the style of PlayStation 2 game’s like Resident Evil 4. It follows a humanoid robot called Elster who has crash landed on a strange planet and is searching for her missing companion and lover Arienne. The planet is corrupted by some kind of sickness, and Elster’s journey becomes a physical and psychological fight for both of their lives.


This game stars a young witch named Stella who has come to a remote island to take over the potion shop she inherited from her uncle. Unfortunately, the shop isn’t in great shape, and her uncle left quite a bit of debt behind. To get out of the mess she finds herself in, Stella starts competing in local potion brewing competitions with the help of a talking owl who lives in the shop, along with running the store day-to-day. She meets various local heroes and merchants across genders that she befriends and even romances.

Raptor Boyfriend

Also about a girl named Stella, Raptor Boyfriend is a teen rom-com about a high school senior who moves to a small town in Canada that plays host to several magical creatures and cryptids. Stella spent time here over the summer, so these citizens don’t phase her. In fact, as a fairly horny bisexual/pansexual teenager, she’s into three of her supernatural classmates: a fairy who wants to be an artist, a bigfoot in a punk band, and a talking velociraptor who’s into extreme sports.

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