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Potionomics Romance Guide

In Voracious Games and XSEED Games’ Potionomics, you play as a young witch named Sylvia who has just taken over her uncle’s debt-ridden potion shop on the island of Rafta. To get the shop back on its feet, Sylvia has to compete in a series of potion-making competitions to win their grand prizes. As the competitions go on, they demand better potions, which means Sylvia has to upgrade her equipment and get access to the highest quality ingredients. The key to both is advancing her relationships with the heroes and vendors in her social circle to get better discounts.

But getting better gear and loot is not the only reason Sylvia can (and should) build her relationships with others on the island. Beyond sweet discounts and the joys of friendship, Sylvia can also find romance with nine of these characters, if you so choose.

Potionomics romanceable characters

There are nine characters that Sylvia can woo in this game:

  • Mint, the hero (she/her)
  • Quin, the ingredients merchant (they/them)
  • Muktuk, the shop equipment merchant (he/him)
  • Baptiste, the boss of the hero’s guild (he/him)
  • Saffron, the carpenter (she/her)
  • Roxanne, your potion rival and enchantress (she/her)
  • Xid, the bardic hero (she/her)
  • Luna, the moth marketer (she/her)
  • Corsac, another potion rival and conservationist hero (he/him)

How to romance someone in Potionomics

Flirty dialogue option for Mint in Potionomics
Image Source: Voracious Games

To romance a character in Potionomics, you have to de pen your relationship with that character and then choose the flirty dialogue options when they pop up. To deepen your bonds, you can spend time with the character you’re into. Alternatively, you can give them ingredients as gifts. Each character has a certain type of ingredient that they like best which will increase their feelings for you the most.

Here are each character’s preferred gift types:

  • Mint: Bone
  • Quin: Slime
  • Muktuk: Fish
  • Baptiste: Flower
  • Xid: Bug
  • Luna: Fruit
  • Roxanne: Gem
  • Saffron: Plant
  • Corsac: Fungus

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