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Gayming AwardsStreamer Spotlight

Streamer Spotlight: FoxQueen

The world of streaming has opened up new and exciting avenues for entertainment, with a variety of streamers around the world doing their utmost to foster communities and bring together likeminded people.

For LGBTQ+ streamers community, striking out against the norm, charity work and being a role-model is part of what makes streaming so fun and rewarding. That’s worth celebrating and to lead up to the Gayming Awards 2023, we’ll be highlighting each streamer who has been nominated for our LGBTQ Streamer of the Year, a category sponsored by Streamlabs.

This week’s Gayming Awards 2023 Streamer Spotlight is FoxQueen.

FoxQueen is a fan of story-heavy games, particularly JRPGs and fantasy games like Dragon Age and Final Fantasy. When they aren’t streaming, they’re busy hiking or baking, but have a range of different hobbies that they share with their community. Let’s find out more about them!

How did you get into video games/streaming?

I got into video games at a very young age. My first core memory sitting on the floor of my living room and playing Nintendo 64 with my older brother. All throughout my life we’d play multiplayer games together and share a big collection of video games with each other.

Streaming, on the other hand, I got into around the time I was 17. It was right when Twitch plays Pokemon became a big thing. I wanted to be able to play JRPG Maker games with my friends – they were mostly artists and we would get in big Skype calls and I would stream my game while they watched. Eventually I tried out Twitch and started making new friends and meeting new people through it and fell in love with streaming.

What is your favourite thing to stream?

I love streaming story heavy games. Especially any games that my community and I know nothing about. I enjoy games where we can all make theories and be shocked about it together. I love reacting with everyone and feeling like we can all come together when I play them.

Generally, I’m also a sucker for JRPGs and anything “anime-esque”.

What can people expect from your stream?

Well, a safe space. For most people at least, haha. I usually like to keep it silly and fun with some comfortable vibes and lots of dad puns. I also have an unhealthy obsession with most video game villains and villainesses, and won’t shut up about how I think women deserve to be a little evil. As a treat. (I love you Yotsuyu Final Fantasy XIV <3)

How has your experience as an out LGBTQ+/QTPOC streamer been?

I mean, obviously I’ve had some idiots and some jerks. It comes with the territory. I’m a gay Jewish woman that grew up in the Southern US Bible Belt, though, so I roll with it fairly well. I’m sure I’ve had it easier than any BIPOC or trans streamer. It is what it is, but I think it’s gotten a lot better over the years.

I’ve been streaming since 2015 when I remember I could rarely find mass groups of open LGBTQ+ streamers. I feel like we’ve cemented ourselves into Twitch now and I’m sure we all get hate but it’s nice to feel like you can have a real community now of people that understand what you go through, you know? Having that connection and community is so important.

What do you do outside of streaming?

I have a fiancée that I love and we have two cats and a dog so I spend a lot of time with them! I also cook and bake a lot. I used to work in kitchens and was a pastry chef for a while, so I love doing both of those things. I’ve mostly been making fresh pasta lately because I just got a pasta machine.

My fiancée and I have been big into hiking lately. We usually go at least once a month and it’s been super fun to go out and explore some new spots. I also read an unhealthy amount of webcomics. I feel like some days I’m keeping the industry afloat with how much I spend on romance-fantasy-shoujo-isekai-villianess webcomics.

What do you enjoy the most about streaming?

I love sharing my passion for video games and video game characters with people that also feel the same. It’s one of my favorite things to just chat with people about something that means so much to me. I’m such a big story person so really digging into stories with people and getting to know others that feel passionate about these stories feels amazing. I also love meeting people from completely different walks of life or people that live on the opposite side of the world.


What have you learned about yourself through streaming?

That I’m way too rambly. If you give me the chance I will talk about how much I enjoy the small things or how much they bug me immensely.

What’s your main goal as a streamer for the future?

I’d love to be able to grow on Twitch and more platforms. I think that’s most people’s goal, though, to be fair. A Twitch partnership would be cool but at this point I’d just love to continue to get more opportunities to work with more brands I love and meet new people through streaming.

Also more money would always be a plus because I’m a total sellout.

What are you looking forward to most this year?

In terms of video games, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf trailers and potential announcement is a big one. In terms of life I’m planning to do some more traveling this year and that’s always super exciting. This event is a big one since I’m meeting up with some friends before and after the event and I love meeting up with people.

How does it feel to be nominated for Gayming Magazine’s Streamer of the Year?

It’s so cool! It’s so amazing to be thought of alongside the people in the industry that I look up to so highly. To have people consider me in the running with them or even think of me highly enough to nominate or vote for me is moving. I’m so honored and excited to just be here.

How do you think it’ll affect your streaming to win Streamer of the Year?

My mods would never shut up about it! I say this with all the love in the world. I think winning would continue to open up opportunities for me to grow as a person and a streamer. I’d hope that I could reach new people, maybe lift up some new friends with my community. I think it would really be a milestone to be proud of whenever the time comes to look back on such things. I’m just grateful for the opportunity! Thank you all so much.

To find out more about FoxQueen, head on over to their Twitch channel.

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