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Gayme of the Week: Max Gentlemen Sexy Business!

In Max Gentlemen Sexy Business!, a business management/dating sim hybrid from The Men Who Wear Many Hats, players are put into the role of the heir to a fallen business dynasty in a wacky and very sexy version of London. To reclaim your family’s former glory, it’s up to you to rebuild your business by hiring sexy executives to help you take over the city one district at a time.

This game is a silly and fairly satirical take on the business simulation genre. Max Gentlemen Sexy Business! is tongue and cheek, having your actual business model be buying money that you then turn into gold. There’s no product or service beyond that, and the game is more than happy to make jokes about it and how silly the wealthiest elites can be when it comes to being in touch with reality.

Screenshot of the Max Gentlemen Sexy Business character creator
Image Source: The Men Who Wear Many Hats

The thing that makes MGSB! especially great for LGBTQ+ players is how inclusive both its character creator and romance options. “Gentleman” is a gender neutral term in this game, as you really can be whoever you want. The character creator has absolutely no gender locks on clothing, body type or facial hair. I was able to make a tall, fat trans guy with big breasts and a killer moustache with no issues. The game also asks how you want to be addressed, whether with “sir,” “madam,” or “boss,” so there’s no room for confusion.

And though “sexy” is in the game’s title, you actually get full control over how sexy MGSB! is in practice. Not only can you choose a sexiness setting at the start of the game (which can be changed later), but you can also choose the level of sexy content you want to engage with for each individual NPC, from just friend vibes to full-on sexual content. You also unlock various costumes for different characters as you progress and can equip them whenever.

You can check out Max Gentlemen Sexy Business! on PC via Steam, which has a regular version and an uncensored patch you can download.

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