Friday, March 1, 2024
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Wrestling with Emotions is a dating sim all about wrestling hot babes

Ever wanted to live the dream of becoming your very own wrestler? Wrestling with Emotions from Team Lazerbeam has your back.

Wrestling with Emotions is a new alternative dating sim from Team Lazerbeam, a dev team who is also a band, who also makes video games. The team have come together to create a new dating experience where you don’t just get hot and sweaty with your love interests, but you, as the title probably clued you in on, you also get sweaty from other stuff… like… anxiety. You know. Emotions!

Anyhow. In Wrestling With Emotions, players take on the role of a new up-and-coming wrestler. That means you’re the bottom of the food chain, and all the other fish in the wrestling ring are bigger and better than you are, so you’ll have to fight your way to the top… To do that, they’ll have to enhance their MEAT, and uh, no, we don’t mean that meat. MEAT stands for Muscle, Elegance, Attitude, and Theatrics. Each are a skill that you can improve throughout the game through certain choices, and each one will have an affect on how the game – and those that inhabit it – react to you.

Players also get the opportunity to create their own character by choosing their own pronouns, skin colour, hair, and even their wrestling name. They’ll also get the chance to establish the ‘vibes’ they give off, and who, out of their favourite wrestler they can hook up with, is their favourite, and who isn’t. This will have consequences, as some of your companions / love interests will react differently depending on your choice, but hey, all’s fair in love and wrestling.

Your love interests in this alternative dating sim are:

  • Outburst (She/Her)
  • Radical Ray (He/Him)
  • Irresistable Steve (He/Him)
  • King Pretty Guy (They/Them)
  • Matsuri (She/Her)
  • Arms (He/Him)
  • Freakshow (They/Them)

Despite this being a dating sim, not everything has to be about romance and it’s up to you how to convey your feelings for your chosen wrestling partner. Things could end up real good, but there’s also plenty of endings where your character lands flat on their face… in more than just the literal sense.

Outside of the dating aspect, Team Lazerbeam confirmed there will be interactive mini-games involved too.

You can see the full trailer and overview of Wrestling with Emotions and Team Lazerbeam, below.

Video Source: Team Lazerbeam

Currently, a release date for Wrestling with Emotions has not been confirmed.

Aimee Hart

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