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Streamer Spotlight: SammyMJay

The world of streaming has opened up new and exciting avenues for entertainment, with a variety of streamers around the world doing their utmost to foster communities and bring together likeminded people.

For LGBTQ+ streamers community, striking out against the norm, charity work and being a role-model is part of what makes streaming so fun and rewarding. That’s worth celebrating and to lead up to the Gayming Awards 2023, we’ll be highlighting each streamer who has been nominated for our LGBTQ Streamer of the Year, a category sponsored by Streamlabs.

This week’s Gayming Awards 2023 Streamer Spotlight is SammyMJay.

Like the rest of us horror fans, SammyMJay loves a good jump scare and his main go-to game is Dead by Daylight, who he is also partnered with. Let’s find out more about him!

How did you get into video games/streaming?

Ever since a young age I was surrounded by family who played games. I remember spending hours watching my Dad play DOOM and a bunch of old demo disks we had. Streaming came about after a bit of a dull period of my life when I was in-between jobs and felt lost and needed something to fill the time, already playing games I decided to build the confidence to press that go live button for the first time.

What is your favourite thing to stream?

Horror games absolutely, I love a cheap jump scare. My main game is Dead by Daylight who I’m partnered with. I started playing back in 2017 before there was really many Queer streamers playing and slowly found more and more friends who played.

What can people expect from your stream?

I really try to be the best I can at anything we play, I really enjoy helping others so when It comes to DBD I’m always doing whatever I can to teach and give tips to anyone that asks all while just having a fun silly time. I also got into cosplays and bodypainting a couple of years back and I’ve slowly been improving my skills.

How has your experience as an out LGBTQ+/QTPOC streamer been?

I’ve been incredibly privileged and lucky to have had such a great experience on Twitch. Obviously there’s the trolls that come by but I’ve got such an amazing community that we’ve managed to build that it doesn’t get overwhelming. I’ve also had the opportunity to meet so many other queer streamers and found that we’re very close-knit that we’re always there for each other.

What do you do outside of streaming?

I think I can speak for a lot of people that when the cameras and the stream are off, we keep going. Twitch is definitely a full time job, if I’m not streaming I’m creating or brainstorming Ideas to keep things fun and fresh, designing cosplays and bodypaint looks.

I’m also really excited to expand my cosplays into creating miniatures and dioramas of horror scenes from gaming and movies.

What do you enjoy the most about streaming?

I think the biggest thing I enjoy is how it makes me feel. As a very introverted shy person the confidence and excitement I get from going live is immeasurable. Even when having a bad day, it can all change in one message from someone that makes you feel better. 

Knowing that you’ve entertained someone or made their day in some way is so fulfilling and meaningful.

What have you learned about yourself through streaming?

I’ve learned that I’m way more capable than I tell myself. It’s not easy to tell yourself you’re doing a good job at something. I’ve often given up in the past with hobbies and passions but streaming is always something I’m proud that I stuck with and made it my career.

What’s your main goal as a streamer for the future?

I’m not one to usually one to set goals for myself. I like to live in the moment and let things flow naturally but, saying this, I’m really looking forward to just creating the content I want to make this year. Focus on what brings me joy and put that out into the world.

I’m also inches away from that 20k follower mark on my channel so that would be a nice little 2023 gift.

What are you looking forward to most this year?

I’m really excited to do some more elaborate cosplays! I’ve got some major plans in the summer for some rather intricate ideas and I’m very much looking forward to seeing them finished and made and ready to show the world.

How does it feel to be nominated for Gayming Magazine’s Streamer of the Year?

I’m incredibly honored to be nominated again this year. To know that people went out of their way to fill out the vote and chose my name will never not be an amazing feeling.

I’m also so excited for everyone else who has been nominated! There’s familiar faces and some new that I can’t wait to see all of their content.

How do you think it’ll affect your streaming to win Streamer of the Year?

I think it would give me the validation that what I do on the platform and the space I create has made a difference and a positive impact. Even just to have been nominated is an amazing feeling.

Winning would give me the drive to really push for more, push for a better platform for everyone, make more of a difference and be louder than I already have been.

To find out more about SammyMJay, head on over to their Twitch channel.

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