Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Most recent The Last of Us episode may have introduced Dina

After a shift in schedule to accommodate the Super Bowl in America, HBO’s The Last of Us is back to its usual release schedule. Each consecutive episode of the show has seemed to delight fans and stir up plenty of conversation, and the most recent one was no exception. Spoilers ahead for both The Last of Us Part II and the HBO series. After Sunday’s episode, many fans are speculating that Dina — Ellie’s partner in The Last of Us Part II — made her first appearance in the show.

In the story of this world, after finishing their botched journey to the firefly hospital, Joel and Ellie return to the Jackson settlement where they proceed to build lives for themselves. Dina is a young woman who also ended up in the settlement and meets Ellie there once she returns. The two become close after Dina breaks up with her former partner, and end up falling for each other. Dina cares for Ellie enough to follow her on her revenge trip to the Pacific Northwest in pursuit of Abby and her crew.

In the HBO live-action adaptation, we see Joel and Ellie arrive in Jackson for the first time. Here, Joel reunites with his brother Tommy and meets Tommy’s partner Maria. The couple feed Joel and Ellie, and while they’re eating an unknown girl is seen peeking at them from around a pillar. Ellie yells at her to go away, and she does. Many fans immediately pegged this girl as Dina, with the phrase “WAS THAT DINA” trending on Twitter. Neil Druckmann reacted to the trend on Twitter as well.

“Ahahaha. Love, y’all,” Druckmann tweeted over a screenshot of the trend.

It will probably be a while before we get any concrete confirmation of who this girl is, as the events of TLOU Part II won’t be explored in the HBO adaptation until the second season, at the earliest.

Ty Galiz-Rowe

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