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Can you be gay in Moonglow Bay?

In Bunnyhugs’ Moonglow Bay, players find themselves in the role of a middle aged person who moved to the titular town to start a new life and business with their partner. Unfortunately, the partner disappears at sea while on a fishing voyage, leaving you and your daughter River as the remains of your family. Because of all the strange fish and boats disappearing, the fishing trade in Moonglow Bay has dried up, and it’s taking the town with it. Your daughter shows up in Moonglow Bay to help with an upcoming local festival, and the two of you decide it’s time to move forward, and help the town do the same. You start investing in the town with profits from your seafood business, explore the nearby ocean to debunk monster myths, and help this small community rebuild itself. But, as always, the most important question remains: Can you be gay?

Can you be gay in Moonglow Bay?

You can be gay in Moonglow Bay. When you start the game, it allows you to choose what your character looks like, their name, their pronouns, and who their now-missing partner was, including their name and pronouns. Because the game is focused on your missing partner, their legacy, and the ways you are trying to honor it, you don’t do any dating in Moonglow Bay, but you still get to choose who you are and who you love.

Moonglow Bay screenshot of the pronoun options
Image Source: Bunyhug Games

It’s also nice to be able to play as an older queer person in a video game, as LGBTQ+ characters and avatars in games usually tend to skew younger. Getting to see this world through the lens of someone older who is still trying to make things better and move forward positively is a nice change of pace, especially in a life-sim game, a genre that also tends to favor the young.

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