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Gayming teams up with Stream for a Cause for 2023

Gayming has today announced that its 2023 charity partner will be Stream for a Cause, an amazing non-profit dedicated to helping donations reach smaller, grassroots non-profits all around the world.

Stream for a Cause believes that so many vital organizations are not supported through charity streams, simply because they don’t have content creator programs. They fundraise through streaming activities which they then turn into grants for these smaller, grassroots and community non-profits around the world that are doing amazing work everyday. Stream for a Cause works to ensure they maximize the impact of the money raised by connecting it to the organizations that keep communities thriving.

All year long Gayming will be raising money for Stream for a Cause, to engage with their mission and to help grassroots non-profits in countries around the world where our fans are based. We will also be sharing stories of success from these non-profits with our fans so they can see the good that is being done by this partnership.

The opportunity to work with Gayming means so much to me, not only as a nonprofit leader in the industry, but just as a LGBTQIA+ community member. Gayming Magazine has been a pillar for those of us seeking connectivity to queer representation in the world of gaming and geek culture. So often, it feels as though we don’t have a voice in the industry, but Gayming has remained a strong presence for our community through advocacy, events, and more. We are excited for what 2023 has in store, and to see how we can all make a difference for grassroots and community based nonprofits together.

Robbie Miller, Executive Director at Stream for a Cause

Stream for a Cause will have a regular presence all year across Gayming’s streaming shows Let’s Go Gayming and the Gayming Podcast. Viewers will be able to take action direct from their screen and we’ll be encouraging giving throughout these shows.

There will also be a significant presence of Stream for a Cause at our larger events Gayming Awards, DIGIPRIDE and Gayming LIVE. These events will be used to increase the awareness of Stream for a Cause and the work that they do with video content, panel talks and other fun activations so you can see the direct impact your donations are doing.

I’m delighted that we’re partnering with Stream for a Cause this year. Their work in connecting donations to grassroots non-profits is vital when the charity scene can become dominated by a handful of key players. By providing this connection, we hope that our fans will take time while enjoying our events and content to consider a donation that will have a direct positive impact on a non-profit in their local country. I’m excited to see what 2023 has in store and to continue affecting change in our community and beyond.

Robin Gray, Founder of Gayming

For more information on Stream for a Cause check out their website and watch out for their involvement across the year on Gayming!

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