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Can you be gay in Path to Nowhere?

In Path to Nowhere, a hybrid tower defense and real-time strategy mobile game, players take on the role of the Chief of the Minos Bureau of Crisis Control. This person operates a prison that holds this world’s most dangerous and vicious criminals. They are in the midst of getting their memories repaired via a machine when the prison they run is attacked by a mysterious, face-stealing woman who causes a riot amongst the prisoners. These prisoners (a.k.a Sinners) want to kill the Chief to cement their freedom, as the Chief has the ability to magically shackle Sinners and use their power for themselves.

Players get to choose the gender of the Chief, and there are plenty of bad ass, dangerous hotties in the game, both men and women. So, the ever-present question remains: can you be gay?

Can you be gay in Path to Nowhere?

Yes, you can be gay! In Path to Nowhere players get to choose the gender of the Chief, and you can build intimate relationships with any of the characters in this game, regardless of their gender. There are 49 different Sinners in the game, which provides plenty of different options for the Chief to choose from to romance.

Screenshot of Demon from Path of Nowhere tied to a chair. There are options to comfort or threaten him
Image Source: Asino Games

The game has primarily shown off its female Sinners so far, and honestly, who could blame them? These ladies are all definitely hot commodities. But there are also plenty of hot men for players who are so inclined to choose from.

Ty Galiz-Rowe

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