Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Please Be Happy is Studio Élan’s new lesbian visual novel

Studio Élan, the development team behind huge, lesbian-themed games such as Heart of the Woods and Highway Blossoms, have released their new game, Please Be Happy.

Please Be Happy is about a young fox named Miho. Miho used to live in Korea, but the memory of how kind a stranger had once been to her spurs her into a world of adventure. Now more fox girl than an actual fox, Miho arrives by airship to Wellington Skyport, described as one of the jewels of the floating island, New Zealand. Huh, a lot different from the New Zealand we know!

Miho has a lot to learn about humans, particularly that, despite the bad that she’ll come across from humanity, there are good people out there too. Thankfully, meeting Aspen, an aspiring novelist, and Juliet, the owner of a small library, might be just the thing she was looking for.

Studio Élan have always dedicated themselves to creating games where queer women can see themselves in a protagonist role in exciting fantasy, sci-fi, and even gothic worlds.

For more information, check out the official Twitter account of the studio for updates on the game, or head on over to Steam to purchase the game for yourself.

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