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Melatonin is a dreamy rhythm game coming to PC in December

On Monday, developer David Huynh on behalf of Half Asleep announced the studio’s next game, Melatonin, will release for PC via Steam on December 15. There will also be a version coming to Nintendo Switch at a later date. The game was originally supposed to launch on September 16, as announced during this past summer’s Wholesome Direct, but both versions were ultimately delayed.

Melatonin is a rhythm game about reality and dreams merging together. It features hand-drawn art, “vibrant” music, and a clean and simple user interface. Players wade through levels made up of the main character’s dreams, navigating rhythmic gameplay to find out more about them and their life. There are 20 of these levels across five chapters, each of which introduce new ways to interact with the rhythmic gameplay. Players can also mix the gameplay up further by unlocking Challenge Modes, level mashups, and a level editor. Both a practice mode and assist features will also be available to make the game more accessible for all players.

“You can learn a lot about someone from knowing what they dream about at night,” Huynh said in a press release. “Melatonin explores that concept and uses music to help convey the feelings of the main character to the player. There are clear influences from Rhythm Heaven on the gameplay but I truly believe Melatonin has its own unique style and more than enough original ideas to separate itself from the games it was inspired by.”

Melatonin will be Half Asleep’s first video game release. The studio is also working on another title called Block Party, but the details on it have yet to be announced.

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