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ValiDate Struggling Singles in Your Area now available on Nintendo Switch

Want to see the highs and lows of the dating scene? You’re in luck, because ValiDate – Struggling Singles in your Area just released on Nintendo Switch.

Veritable Joy struck gold when it launched the first volume of ValiDate, a visual novel that follows 13 struggling singles as they navigate the dating scene, all while trying to survive their dead-end 9-to-5 jobs and the ongoing struggle of capitalism.

Set in the fictional world of Jercy City, players in this volume take on the role of 4 playable characters – the rest being playable in future volumes – as they encounter and then go on to dates. Will they find the romance between conversations of cosplay, the dull tunes of trash mixtapes, and the art of putting their foot in their mouth? That’s entirely up to the player.

Overall there are over 30 routes to choose from, offering players hours of content to uncover to try and get all of the endings possible.

Our review of ValiDate described the game as “a mature dating sim in every sense of the word”. We particularly enjoyed how deeply committed the visual novel is to portraying the “realities of building relationships of all kinds with new people.” There’s a lot of variety in-game, and if you enjoy getting up to some wacky hijinks, we’re certain you’re going to adore your time with all of these cool characters and their (mis)adventures.

ValiDate – Struggling Singles in your Area is available now to play on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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