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Streamer Spotlight

Streamer Spotlight: Rose Evergreen

For this edition of our streamer spotlight, we’re highlighting Rose Evergreen, winner of this year’s SmashCon Cosplay Contest and performer at Twitch Con 2022 in the convention’s first drag showcase.

We got the chance to chat with Rose about what she does outside of drag, her favorite cosplays, and Twitch Con!

How did you get into video games/streaming?

I was actually born into a video gaming family. My older brother and cousins ignited the gaming flame inside of me. They had just about every retro console and handheld you can imagine. Throughout my youth, they’d always hand me the ‘player 2’ controller to ensure I was included. The first game I ever beat was Mario 64! It’s actually funny, because the final bowser boss in that game had a metallic, rainbow tint to him. We always called him rainbow bowser and when I finally beat him I screamed “I BEAT RAINBOW BOWSER.” As life went on, I continued to grow and game on a more mature level. I discovered streaming from attending different cons, e sports tournaments, etc. and realized it was perfect for me.

What is your favorite thing to stream?

I am THE QUEEN of Smash Bros. and Overwatch. I usually start and or end my stream with those games. It’s always fun to 1v1 whoever dares to enter my smash arena haha. Also, I annually throw smash tournaments on my channel, awarding top 3 winners a prize. With Overwatch, many viewers join my team and help me climb in rank. My stream fam and I are toooo excited for Overwatch 2 to drop in October. Outside of Smash and Overwatch, I usually stream the big titles as they release (Zelda, Last of Us, Resident Evil, God of War, etc.) so viewers can expect variety.

Rose Evergreen cosplaying as King DeDeDe from Kirby
What can people expect from your stream?

People can expect stunning lewks, lip sync performances, good humor, good music and overall good fun. I am in full drag in every stream, debuting different cosplays every week. The anticipation of what I’ll be cosplaying on my streaming day is fun for both me and the viewers. My stream is a safe space and there’s room for everybody.

How has your experience as an out LGBTQ+/QTPOC streamer been?

Streaming to the world while being openly LGBT, fem and of color didn’t scare me. When I started streaming, I made the choice to be unapologetically myself, and that confidence created a magnetic-like energy for the most amazing viewers. All is well.

What do you do outside of streaming?

I do drag shows, dance at music festivals, cosplay and compete in e-sports tournaments. I’m a dancing queen, so I love entertaining crowds during my shows. I also bring my love of dancing to music festivals, where I throw my hands in the air and get lost in the music. Additionally, I’ve attended a lot of cons all over the U.S., during which I cosplay a variety of my favorite characters. After catching wind that Super Smash Con was making a comeback, I made sure to attend, during which I won their cosplay contest! As you can see, I’m big on putting myself in spaces where life feels amazing. All of these environments are where I met the most magical people.

Rose Evergreen cosplaying as Symmetra from Overwatch for Blizzcon
What do you enjoy the most about streaming?

As an LGBT streamer, I enjoy meeting fellow LGBT+ persons from all over the world. I have viewers in countries where being openly LGBT+ is comfortable and some from countries where it is policed. My stream is a safe space for everybody and I take pride in having created a community where everyone can be themselves.

What have you learned about yourself through streaming?

Not a lack of humility, but I’ve learned that I am a gifted entertainer. It was always my goal to show various crowds a good time through my talent. The consistent love, validation and loyalty I’ve received from my viewers is amazing. Streaming constantly reminds me that I am talented and my dreams are achievable.

Rose Evergreen in a rainbow sequin outfit posing for Twitch Con 2022
What’s your main goal as a streamer for the future?

My main goal is to continue to grow and let my visibility be inspiring to LGBT+ people from all over the world. Also, I’d love to reach a point where I can make full time income from this. The thought of doing what I love for a living is such a warm feeling to have. I’m taking this journey one step at a time and enjoying the ride as I go.

What are you looking forward to most this year?

I was selected to perform on the mainstage of Twitchcon 2022, in full drag, during their drag showcase! I’m still in awe to be honest, knowing that I will be able entertain all the viewers. I had hope that one day an opportunity like this would come for me, so I’m super grateful. Big thanks to my Twitch family for choosing me.

To find out more about Rose Evergreen, head on over to their Twitch channel.

Ty Galiz-Rowe

Ty is a freelance games writer and esports expert.