Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Scarlet Hollow announces Wayne plush, Episode 4 coming soon

On Monday, Black Tabby Games announced that they are working with Makeship to create a line of Wayne plushies leading into the release of Scarlet Hollow Episode 4. The fourth episode does not have a set release date yet, but Black Tabby Games confirmed that it is coming soon.

“We’re incredibly proud of our work on this episode, and it’s going to be our most intricate yet, both in terms of the scope of the writing as well as tons of opportunities—big and small—to see the effects of your decisions in the first three chapters,” Black Tabby Games’ Abby Howard said in a press release.

Scarlet Hollow is an episodic, gothic horror visual novel set in the American south. It follows a young woman who returns to her extended family’s home in North Carolina for her estranged aunt’s funeral. There she tries to reconcile with her long-lost cousin, while facing a series of new nightmares each day. The game is extremely focused on the consequences of player choice, and allows you to select a few supernatural powers, like speaking to animals, to help you along the way.

When Scarlet Hollow Episode 4 does release, it will be a free update for those who already own the game on Steam or GOG. Those who have the version will likely have to redownload the whole game once the next episode is available. Fans who are excited about the next episode of this queer, gothic horror visual novel can check out the Makeship campaign for Wayne plushies. These plushies were designed by Abby Howard and feature our creepy friend Wayne in a smaller, more cuddly form, complete with his standard veil. The Wayne plush is available on its own, or in a bundle with its original production design.

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