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Can you be gay in Potionomics?

Potionomics is the new management sim/deckbuilding hybrid from Voracious Games and XSEED Games. In it, you play as a young witch named Sylvia who has just graduated from college, where she was studying potion-making. Sylvia’s uncle was a potion crafter who had opened his own shop on the island of Rafta. After his death, he passed the shop – and the debt attached to it – onto Sylvia. In order to keep the shop afloat and pay off her uncle’s debt, the young witch has to perfect her craft and compete in a series of potion brewing competitions with increasingly larger prizes.

Along the way, Slyvia meets several of the other inhabitants of the island. Players can choose to spend time with them to improve their relationship and hopefully gain access to discounts for a given character’s services. But, deepening these relationships can also lead to potential romance. So, can you be gay in Potionomics?

Can you be gay in Potionomics?

Potionomics screenshot of Saffron saying "That's right. After all, what good is kindling without a spark, hm?
Image Source: Voracious Games

You can be gay in Potionomics, but only as a woman, since Sylvia’s gender is set. The game has nine romanceable characters of different genders that players can choose from to woo:

  • Mint
  • Quin
  • Muktuk
  • Baptiste
  • Saffron
  • Roxanne
  • Xid
  • Corsac

To get to the point of romance with any of these characters, you have to deepen your relationship and build your friendships with them. You can do this by spending time hanging out with them and gifting them ingredients, particularly those they have an affinity for.

Potionomics screenshot of a flirty dialogue option for Sylvia with Mint

As you advance the level of your relationship with the object of your affection, you will get flirty dialogue options during certain interactions. To pursue them romantically, you need to select these options. When you do, a little icon of the character with hearts around their head will pop up in the left corner of the dialogue box.

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