Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Lizzo comes to Beat Saber

On Thursday, Czech game studio Beat Games announced that a downloadable content pack filled with music from the iconic Lizzo is now available to play with in Beat Saber. Fans can purchase the pack now on Meta Quest, Steam, PlayStation VR US, and PlayStation VR EU. It’s currently on sale for 33% off on these platforms to celebrate the launch.

Beat Saber is a virtual reality rhythm game where the player uses two non-copyright-infringing laser swords to slice blocks coming at them from various directions in time to the music playing. It has found significant success since its original launch in May of 2018. It has since won the 2019 Game Award for Best VR Game and has added several music packs with bigger artists to the game including Green Day, Panic! At the Disco, Imagine Dragons, BTS, Maroon 5, and now Lizzo.

Lizzo is an American singer and rapper who has made huge waves in hip hop and pop music with her various hits, along with her willingness to learn, body positivity, and calls for more representation in media. She released her latest album, Special, in July 2022, and is currently on tour.

The Lizzo Beat Saber pack includes the following nine tracks:

  • 2 Be Loved (Am I Ready)
  • About Damn Time
  • Cuz I Love You
  • Everybody’s Gay
  • Good As Hell
  • Juice
  • Tempo (feat. Missy Elliot)
  • Truth Hurts
  • Worship

Players can grab this music pack on sale from their preferred VR game storefront on sale for 33% off during a limited window to celebrate its release.

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