Friday, June 21, 2024

Guild X dethrone G2 Gozen as EMEA VCT Game Changers Champs

On Sunday, Guild X made history by defeating G2 Gozen in the EMEA VCT Game Changers Series 3 Grand Finals, knocking the reigning champions from their throne. In the past two series this year, these teams met in the finals, but until now, it was always G2 Gozen who came out on top. Both teams have now successfully qualified for the Game Changers Championship LAN event in Berlin, Germany.

Like their North American counterparts, G2 Gozen have had a stranglehold on their region’s VCT Game Changers competitions. Since their loss to TENSTAR Nova in the lower bracket finals of the 2021 EMEA Series II event, they haven’t lost in Game Changers, aside from occasional rounds within the Swiss stage.

Guild X have been hot on their heels, however. They’ve met G2 in every grand finals of Game Changers this year, and have taken rounds off of them in qualifiers. In this last Game Changers event, Guild X were finally able to go the distance against their long-time rivals, winning the best-of-five grand finals 3-2.

G2 were the first team to qualify for Champions, when they defeated Guild X in the upper bracket to advance to the upper finals against Natus Vincere. Guild X went on to battle their way through the lower bracket, taking down TENSTAR Nova and Natus Vincere to meet G2 Gozen for a rematch in the grand finals, and securing their spot at Champions along the way.

Guild X and G2 Gozen will join their peers from around the world at the Champions tournament in Berlin in November. There, they will compete to see who is the best women/marginalized Valorant team in the world.

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