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5 fierce LGBTQ+ indie horror games for a haunted Halloween season

October is here, which means it’s officially scary season! To celebrate we’ve gathered five LGBTQ+ indie horror games for anyone looking to enjoy some queer horror this month.

5 LGBTQ+ indie horror games for a haunted Halloween season


Symbiosis by Puchi is an RPG Maker game where you take on the role of the wicked witch trying to capture the trespassers in her scary house deep within the forest. As you hunt the intruders and try to keep your son none the wiser, you get details about the witch’s past, and how her son came to be.


Winter by communistsister and Elliot Herriman is a piece of interactive fiction about “sex, trans insecurity, and a girl with a skull for a face.” In this, we watch someone deal with the parts of themselves they hate, and the absence hiding those parts away creates.


Retrace by Spider Lilly Studios is a 2D adventure game where you play as Freya, a young woman who goes on a ghost tour with some friends and ends up in a frightening parallel dimension. Here, death lurks around every corner. Freya and her friends have to face death head-on to unlock the ability to rewind time and take a different path.

The Silence Under Your Bed

The Silence Under Your Bed by Kevin Snow and Cassandra Khaw is an interactive horror collection where you play as two friends who are trading scary stories back and forth while they wait for their pizza to arrive.


GENDERWRECKED by ryan rose aceae is a “post-apocalyptic genderpunk visual novel about traveling broken lands and kissing/fighting/talking to monsters in an attempt to learn the true meaning of a mysterious force called GENDER.” The game gets into body horror territory along the way, but that’s definitely not all it has to offer.

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