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Saints Row is out now

Saints Row, the series reboot from Deep Silver and Volition, is now available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Stadia, and PC via the Epic Games Store. This time around, players are taking on the role of a reluctant military contractor who needs to make rent. After a job gone wrong, you and our crew are looking to take the Saints to the top of the food chain.

Saints Row as a franchise has always been about giving players an unprecedented amount of control over a ton of unique tools and combining that with over-the-top, action-fueled gameplay,” said Rob Loftus, executive producer of Saints Row in a press release. “Saints Row continues that, building on the systems the franchise has been known for since it began in 2006 and we are excited for players to experience it now that the game is available to play.”

The reboot is invested in making the franchise’s iconic, campy sandbox playstyle into something modern, while maintaining players’ myriad of customization options. Fans are able to fully customize their character in the game’s Boss Factory character creator, so they can look however they want as they’re wreaking havoc in Santo Ileso.

In Saints Row’s launch trailer, we get some insight into the city this game is set in, and how its residents feel about their local, over-the-top gang. Citizens of Santo Ileso describe Saints wielding bazookas, stripping in front of them, fist fighting in fursuits, and gliding off of roofs in wingsuits. These residents are just as diverse and interesting as your gangsters, so running around this city is sure to be full of surprises.

Fans can buy Saints Row for PlayStation and Xbox consoles, alongside Stadia and PC via the Epic Game Store now. There’s a regular edition, and the more expensive Notorious Edition, which includes a physical SteelBook of the game, an expansion pass, a double sided-poster, a mini artbook, Santo Ileso postcards, and more.

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