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Fans are fighting to renew The Wilds

The Wilds is an Amazon Prime show about a group of teenage girls who are stranded on a deserted island in the wake of a plane crash. It’s also gained a huge following, especially amongst queer folks. There’s a group of fans who are now campaigning to renew the show for a third season after its cancellation was announced in July of this year.

“The Wilds had such a beautiful message, and it showed its audience that they were, in fact, not alone but rather seen and heard. The series discusses several profound issues that most medias today, unfortunately, fail to recognize: sexual abuse, homophobia, eating disorders, pedophilia, suicide, etc,” the Info tab on the group’s website reads. “The Prime Original had amazing representation in the YA collection, especially for women and for the LGBTQ + community, that may not have been catered to by other previous medias. It was shocking, to say the least, when Prime announced a cancellation.”

The website cites a Parrot Analytics page that put The Wilds in the 97.4th percentile of Amazon Video dramas. Fans are arguing that this stat, along with others tied to the show’s viewership and demand, prove that there’s an audience for the show and that it shouldn’t be cancelled.

“Despite a devastating cancellation, we are still fighting to bring back the show that we all know and love, The Wilds,” the website says. “The series received a renewal notice for season 2 merely a week after the first season premiered, verifying the return of Mia Healey as Shelbygoodkind, Erana James as Toni Shaifoe, Reign Edwards as Rachel Reid, Sophia Taylor Ali as Fatin Jadmani, Sarah Pigeon as Leah Rilke, Shannon Grace Berry as Dot Campbell, and Jenna Clause as Martha Blackburn, with Helena Howards as Nora Reid unconfirmed at the time. It was absolutely groundbreaking and still continues to remain as one of Prime’s most successful originals.”

In addition to the website, the campaign to renew The Wilds has a Twitter and Instagram account, a Discord server, the hashtag #SaveTheWilds, and a petition with 32,907 out of the goal of 35,000 signatures.

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