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Billie Eilish copypasta has taken over Apex Legends

Recently, 20 year-old singer Billie Eilish has become part of meme culture yet again, this time in the realm of video games that feature Champions, like League of Legends and Apex Legends. The young star has had previous internet fame – both innocuous and nerfarious, from her one of her songs becoming a popular TikTok sound, to contemplating suicide over the abuse she received on Twitter back in 2018. But now, the groundbreaking singer has been added to another silly internet joke.

The core of the joke is any Champion in a game that players currently feel is over-used or broken within the game’s meta. Recently, the Apex Legends community has directed that sentiment towards the recon agent Seer after several pros started using him in international LAN competitions. The copypasta is a fake quote from Eilish to American Vogue about the flamboyant Legend.

“Billie Eilish, singer, reveals in a recent interview with Vogue America that lately she’s been frustrated with Apex Legends. ‘There’s an unfair legend in the game called Seer right now that Respawn won’t seem to do anything about. He takes skill completely out of the game.'”

Seer’s sudden popularity has come out of left field. The reigning meta in the Apex Legends Global Series favored Valkyrie as the main recon Legend of choice for a long time. Valk’s mobility made her absolutely clutch for teams to rotate throughout the game, and escape from tight teamfight situations. But leading up to the ALGS Championship in Raleigh, North Carolina in July, many pros started changing up their compositions and Seer became a mainstay. Like when any character becomes popular in play, many fans have grown annoyed with the recon Legend, and thus, Ms. Eilish has entered the meme space once again. With a new Legend, Vantage, on the horizon, who knows how long Seer’s reign in the meta will last.

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