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Apex Legends: Hunted will debut Vantage, the new Kings Canyon, and more

On Monday, Respawn and EA released a new gameplay trailer for Apex Legends: Hunted. The next major update for the battle royale arrives on August 9 and is bringing several notable changes with it, including a new playable Legend, the new version of the previously destroyed Kings Canyon, and more.

Xiomara (Mara) “Vantage” Contreras is the next competitor entering the arena in Apex Legends. She is from the icy planet of Págos, where she and her mother lived a spartan, survivalist lifestyle. Vantage ends up entering the Apex Games after she’s mortally wounded during the aftermath of discovering her mother’s criminal past. Mara’s mother signals their location so her daughter can be saved, at the cost of her freedom. Vantage decides to compete to save her mother once she’s recovered. With her background in survival and hunting, Vantage is a sniping specialist with incredible accuracy. She has a jetpack that allows her to gain the high ground on enemies to supplement this skill.

Mara will join the fight in a newly reforged Kings Canyon map alongside the other Legends. Mad Maggie and Fuse’s previous scuffle destroyed the iconic Apex Legends location that included Skull Town in a previous season, but now it’s back on the menu as Relic. Thanks to terraforming, familiar spots on this map may now be entirely different than we remember. The Cage has also been opened up and replaced by a basic platform.

On the grinding side of things, Apex Legends: Hunted is also introducing a new battle pass and a significant level cap increase. With the battle pass, players will be able to earn new loading screens, a new music pack, emotes, weapon charms, and banner frames. The level cap for players will also increase, though a specific number hasn’t been revealed yet. With the increase, players will be able to earn additional Legend Tokens and Apex Packs.

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