Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Rhapsody is the latest addition to Apex Legends Mobile

On Thursday, Apex Legends Mobile announced the next version-exclusive Legend that’s coming to the game during the Distortion event, Rhapsody. Rhapsody will enter Apex Legends Mobile on July 12.

Rhapsody is the mobile version’s second platform-exclusive Legend. The other is Ignacio “Fade” Huamaní, a former scavenger and arms dealer who wears a special suit of robotic body armor. Beyond Fade, and now Rhapsody, Apex Legends Mobile also includes Legends from the base game like Bangalore, Bloodhound, Caustic, Gibraltar, Loba, Lifeline, Mirage, Octane, Pathfinder, and Wraith.

From the teaser trailer that accompanied her announcement, and her name, it seems like Rhapsody’s abilities will be sound-based. She’s shown DJing and speaking into a microphone during the trailer, and says that the corporation Pythas “can’t drown [her] out.” When she moves, the new Legend has sound bars that move along with her, and a little robot that looks like a speaker rides around on her shoulders. It looks like the robot is part of her ultimate ability; it seems to project a large shield when activated. The robot also helps with Rhapsody’s finisher, blasting fallen opponents with deadly sound waves.

The Apex Legends Mobile: Distortion event will also add a new map to the platform’s rotation. This addition is called Pythas Block 0, and appears to be the neighborhood that Rhapsody lives in, or at least one that she frequents. The trailer sets Pythas up as a dystopic corporation that is oppressing the citizens in its proximity, one that Rhapsody is alleged to have sold her soul to. She implies that this is a lie in her narration, and seems bent on taking Pythas down.

Though there’s not much lore available about Rhapsody yet, there’s a good chance that the new Legend may identify as bisexual. Her graphic background features the same colors as the bisexual flag, though they are inverted. While this could just be a coincidence, the writers behind Apex have a history of making cognizant choices about their queer representation, so it may have deeper implications for the character. We’ll have to wait and see when she and the Pythas Block 0 map release on July 12.