Friday, March 1, 2024
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GOG Find Your Indie Sale lasts through August 1

On Monday, GOG announced that it is holding the Find Your Indie Sale through August. The platform is including over 1500 titles in the sale and will offer discounts up to 90% off. Beyond that, four new games are making their debut at a discounted price, and GOG has also provided details on several upcoming titles.

The first new game is called Urbek City Builder, and was published by RockGame. Players can snag it at a 10% discount right now. Next up is Shapez for 60% off, a game inspired by Factorio where you build your own factory and rotate shapes. Final Vendetta is a pixel art fighting game that’s currently 15% off, and Evoland Legendary Edition is a pastiche of video game and movie history that’s 25% off.

Humble also announced three new games that will be coming to GOG in the future. These include Ghost Song, Midnight Fight Express, and Moonscars. Other developers are bringing fresh titles to the platform as well, like Flashout 3, A.I.D – Artificial Intelligence Defence, The House of Da Vinci 3, Sea Horizon, and Diluvian Ultra.

To help players sort through all of the games in the sale, GOG has created themed collections that focus on “diversity, creativity and an unorthodox approach to games.” The collections include:

  • Someone said food? – food-focused games, like Overcooked and Cook, Serve, Delicious!
  • Groovy art – games with a distinct art style, like LIMBO and Darkest Dungeon
  • Existential crisis – games that question reality and perspective, like Disco Elysium and Talos Principle
  • Name that tune – games with banging soundtracks, like Crypt of the Necrodancer
  • Hidden gems – indie games that may have gone under the radar, like GRAVEN and Greak: Memories of Azur
  • Am I the monster? – games where the protagonist is a creature feature, like Iratus: Necromancer Edition and The Blind Prophet

Players can also build their own bundles out of tinyBuild and Daedelic Entertainment titles, where they’ll get a 5% discount for five games or a 10% discount for ten games. The sale will come to an end on August 1 at 10 p.m. UTC.

Ty Galiz-Rowe

Ty is Gayming Magazine's deputy editor and esports expert.