Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Ashly Burch comes out as queer

On Friday, prolific voice actress Ashly Burch came out as queer in a tweet. Burch has voiced dozens of iconic video game and cartoon characters, including Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy, Borderlands’ Tiny Tina, Life is Strange’s Chloe Price, Valorant’s Viper, and The Outer Worlds’ Parvati Holcomb.

“Hi! So, I’m queer,” Burch wrote. “One of those old fashioned pansexuals you may have heard of. Probably not a shocker — like half the characters I play are members of the rainbow fam.”

The voice actress elaborated on her decision to come out publicly further in the thread.

“Nevertheless, I’ve hemmed and hawed about whether or not an official Coming Out was something I needed or wanted to do. Particularly because I feel like a poser — I’ve been dating a man for five years. Pretty un-gay of me.”

“I also have always liked the idea that Coming Out isn’t something I should feel obligated to do. Straight people don’t have to announce their hetero-ness — it’s taken as default.”

“In my ideal world, everyone should have to wonder if everyone is hitting on them, regardless of gender. Would it make dating more confusing? Probably! But like, in a cute queer way!”

“Anyway, given the state of… Everything, my attitude toward coming out has changed. It feels important to me to do it for reasons I can’t really explain. Just feels like the time.”

Burch is, of course, referencing the barrage of homo and transphobic legislation and behavior that has gained traction again in the United States and UK. According to her thread, Burch felt that she needed to step into the spotlight her position in acting provides her in the wake of a world that is trying to erase us.

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