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Rainbow Arcade announces new team leads

On Thursday, the Rainbow Arcade stream team announced its new team leads. Six new people have joined Rainbow Arcade’s leadership in hopes of helping the stream team find a second wind and make structural improvements.

Rainbow Arcade is “a family of LGBTQIA+ creators.” The stream team is dedicated to “inclusivity, amplifying positivity, and having fun in gaming and beyond.” The new members of its leadership team are a good indication of this philosophy.

Ed is a queer, Mexican, digital creator who largely streams Dead by Daylight, Fortnite, and various Nintendo Switch games. His focus as a leader for Rainbow Arcade and streaming in general is “actively building a space for queer BIPOC folks to feel safe and heard.”

Aenne is actually a developer who has worked on queer visual novels Arcade Spirits and First Bite. They are a pansexual, neurodivergent, nonbinary streamer who loves narrative focused games. They’re looking to cultivate a space “where everyone feels comfortable being thirsty and falling in love.”

Omega “The Critical Bard” Jones is an actor and vocalist from the United States Midwest who specializes in table-top role playing games and content. He created and moderated the #BLACKAFRoundtable series of talks about the realities of racism within the table-top RPG community. As a streamer, he strives for “continued Black and Queer representation and urges folk to keep making treble wherever they go, as it is up to them to shake off this system, on Treblemaker at a time.”

Dona Tarte is a drag performer, host, and baker. She also streams narrative games, simulators, and new releases on her channel out of drag. She’s previously pushed for LGBTQIA+ equality/representation, student welfare, and reproductive rights in Ireland, where she’s originally from. Her goal is to “bring forward a refreshing take on drag and produce/host shows to a much wider audience with large dollops of beauty, a few teaspoons of humor, and a SPRINKLE of narcissism.”

ProjectRuby is a queer and nonbinary Portuguese streamer. Their content is a mixture of first-time playthroughs of iconic gaming franchises and checking out upcoming indie and AAA titles. They love to “have important conversations about various LGBTQIA+ topics and beyond through podcasting, panels, and special events they host and produce all year round.”

Rookuri is a shoutcaster, MMORPG content creator, and host. She has been featured in past Twitch Women’s History and Pride Month celebrations, and worked with ArenaNet and the National Ad Council in their “Seize the Awkward” campaign. Rookuri “strives to spread smiles while helping players connect to the games they love by fostering a welcoming, diverse, and uplifting community online.”

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