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Can you be gay in The Quarry?

Like its predecessor Until Dawn, Supermassive’s latest title, The Quarry is an homage to classic horror tropes and focuses heavily on relationships between its cast of summer camp counselors. With so many young adults together for a summer, it’s not surprising that romance would bloom between some of them, but the question remains: can you be gay in The Quarry?

Can you be gay in The Quarry?

The short answer is, yes. If you make the right decisions, you can explore the relationship between two of the young men, Ryan and Dylan. Ryan – played by Justice Smith – is quiet and aloof. When you first meet him in the game, he’s sitting apart from everyone else, listening to a podcast and largely ignoring his peers. Dylan – played by Miles Robbins – on the other hand, is a smart-ass, class clown type. His introduction sees him locking another counselor, Jacob, out of the lodge while he’s trying to grab the last of the bags – claiming unconvincingly that the door is broken.

Leading up to the events of The Quarry, Ryan and Dylan weren’t actually all that close, probably due in part to Ryan’s aloof nature. They’re only given the opportunity to bond during their extra night at camp, which doesn’t give a lot of time for the relationship to develop, but the game does offer a few opportunities to get your gay on before the credits roll.

Of the two, Dylan is the more obviously queer. During certain sections where you take control of him, you can choose to try and flirt with Ryan, though his response is as distant as ever. Later, during a scene of playing truth or dare around a campfire, you can choose to kiss Dylan while playing as Ryan.

Ryan and Dylan are the only notably queer characters in The Quarry. There are no women identified counselors who are portrayed as queer in the game.

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