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Why Star Wars planet Naboo would be the best LGBTQ+ friendly vacation spot

Star Wars is an incredible universe that only continues to expand as a setting, but no location has ever quite been able to beat the sci-fi series depiction of Naboo.

For those who don’t know, Naboo is a beautiful, pastoral world that is part of the Mid Rim Territories. It is a mostly peaceful homeworld, and is featured several times in Star Wars films. The planet’s first appearance was in Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, where we got to meet the Gungans and the people of Naboo, and it featured elegant infrastructure and elaborate art.

With all of the great things about this planet in mind, it’s obvious that if Naboo was indeed real we’d all jump on the next starfighter ship to head on over for a 2-week vacation in Theed. But what is it about this small world that makes it the perfect LGBTQ+ vacation spot in comparison to the other planets that we’ve seen in a galaxy far, far away?

Well, it’s simple…

Star Wars Naboo

No capital city is as charming as Theed

Theed is the capital city for the humans of Naboo, and it’s pretty as a picture. It sits surrounded by green plains and forest life, and there are plenty of waterfalls for you to find. If there’s one thing that us gays love, it’s a good waterfall.

While Coruscant is definitely more modern with its tech, and there are incredible venues for those who want to take advantage of the nightlife, Theed just oozes a charm with its people, architecture and environment that just feels incredibly healing and nurturing. For those of us who just want to sit and admire the greenery and the people below, book in hand and nature on our mind, then there’s no better place than Naboo.

Star Wars Padme Amidala

Naboo is the home of gay icon, Padme Amidala

Much like our Princess Di, Padme Amidala has terrible taste in men. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t love and stan her all the same. Not only is she a (literal) Queen, but she knows how to slay with her incredible fashion, peaceful but fierce actions, and she certainly isn’t afraid to cause a diplomatic incident if the need arises. We have no choice but to love her fiercely.

With such an icon as its previous ruler, you just know that we’ll be gasping for a chance to see Ms Amidala whenever she decides to come home. She’ll be at events, and we will be lucky enough to even get her to look at us. Ugh, we love you Padme.

Star Wars Gungan

It embraces all cultures

There may have been some tensions between the Gungans, the natives of Naboo, and the human population of this planet at first… But that’s all been left behind after they teamed up to be rid of the Trade Federation’s occupation.

Since then, trade between the Gungan City of Otoh Gunga and Theed has been booming, and with it there is more room for a relationship between the two cultures – meaning that you’ll not only be able to explore Naboo on land but the underwater Gungan city too. Talk about cultured.

Star Wars Naboo

A place of the arts

Despite some idiot called Palpatine saying that Naboo and Theed is only a great place if you like museums, our counterargument is that museums are a place of art and culture and that isn’t cool then that seems to be a you problem.

Not only does Naboo feature the delightful Solleu River – which runs through a grassy plateau and into a waterfall – but several monuments that depict the stoic, but ethereal warriors and scholars that make up Naboo’s government body. A little history in your art, eh?

There’s also Theed University, a place where the most prominent subjects are politics, law, and civic studies. It’s here where peace and being true to yourself is taught, something which means that you’ll thrive, no matter your differences.

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