Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Draknek Direct showcases multiple announcements

Thursday, puzzle game developer Draknek & Friends presented a showcase called the Draknek Direct to update fans on what they’ve been up to this year and what’s coming next. Several announcements were revealed, from new ports to physical soundtrack releases.

First up in the Draknet Direct was A Monster’s Expedition news. The cute puzzler is getting an update to its hint system across all platforms to help players along their journey. Additionally, the Direct revealed that A Monster’s Expedition is now also available on PlayStation 4 and 5 systems.

Next up was Bonfire Peaks, a game where you navigate puzzles on a voxel art island and burn all of your possessions. This title is getting three chapters of DLC content called Bonfire Peaks: Lost Memories. The DLC will include new puzzles and mechanics for players to check out. The Draknek Direct announcement also revealed that Bonfire Peaks is also getting a photo mode update that’s live now on all platforms.

For new stuff, the Draknek Direct had two new titles to announce. The first was Sokobond Express, the sequel to Sokobond (which after 10 years is now available on mobile) and Cosmic Express. A demo for the mashup title is available on Steam now. The other big announcement was that Draknek & Friends will also be publishing the box-based puzzler Patrick’s Parabox on Nintendo Switch sometime soon.

For fans of physical media, the Draknek Direct had goodies for you too. The puzzle game developer is teaming up with iam8bit to release A Monster’s Expedition + Earlier Adventures, a collection of A Monster’s Expedition, Cosmic Express, A Good Snowman, and Sokobond on a single Switch cartridge. There’s also a two-LP vinyl soundtrack release for all four games.

If all that still isn’t enough to satisfy your puzzle game hunger, Draknek & Friends is also putting on the Cerebral Puzzle Games Showcase from May 19-23 on Steam. The showcase includes demos, bundles, discounts, and streams of various puzzle games so fans can find their next favorite.

Ty Galiz-Rowe

Ty is a freelance games writer and esports expert.