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NQ64 – a new retro arcade bar – comes to London

NQ64, a bar that originally set its roots in Manchester, is launching in London this upcoming May.

The bar also has set up shop in other notable cities and areas like Glasgow, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Cardiff, Liverpool and, of course, Manchester and Greater Manchester. Now the neon-soaked arcade bar will be heading on down to London, Soho.

The NQ64 bar in London will be located on Berwick Street, taking over the former Ballie Ballerson bar and will open up to the public at the end of May, just in time for summer. The arcade will have a choice of over 30 original arcade games, such as Mortal Kombat, Guitar Hero, Pac-Man and Time Crisis to play with, and will even contain classic consoles like the original Playstation if you’re looking for a place to sit and game. The arcade machines will need to have tokens to be used, but the consoles are free to play – just buy a drink first, yeah?

As expected, this new venue will be adult-only and those who attend must bring some sort of ID to prove they are 18+. After all, if you’re not 18 you can’t legally have a drink, now can you? And you’ll be wanting to, because much like all the other NQ64 bars, it’s London counterpart will offer a range of game-themed drinks. There will be cocktails inspired by Kirby, Donkey Kolada and the Aku Aku Fruit Punch (Crash Bandicoot), alongside a selection of craft beers, including some local favourites, wine, sodas and spirits.

NQ64 London
NQ64’s signature neon-filled aesthetic to provide the latest immersive experience for Londoners

“We are so excited to be bringing NQ64 to London as this has been a huge ambition of ours for some years.” NQ64 co-founder, Matthew Robson says. “We think NQ64 will bring a whole new dimension to the entertainment landscape of the capital by transporting visitors back in time, all while being the latest hotspot for those who just want to have a drink up and good night out in the town. We can’t wait to officially open our doors next month.”

To find out more about the bar, head on over to the official NQ64 bar website.

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