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Doctor Who to receive “very gay, very trans” podcast spin-off

The adventures of Doctor Who have been accessible via audio formats for a while now, but this upcoming drama podcast will stand out from the crowd for two reasons: being very gay and very trans.

The upcoming Doctor Who podcast is helmed by best-selling trans author Juno Dawson. Titled Doctor Who: Redacted, the 10-part series is set to premiere exclusively on BBC Sounds on April 17th – the same day as the Doctor Who Easter special.

The drama podcast will feature a number of different actors, ranging from old favourites to newcomers, such as trans activist Charlie Craggs in her debut role as Cleo Proctor, as well as Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor.

Dawson has released a teaser for the upcoming series, which can be listened to here and features a summary of what to expect from Doctor Who: Redacted. You can read the summary below:

“Charlie Craggs, Lois Chimimba and Holly Quin-Ankrah are Cleo, Abby and Shawna – three best friends and university dropouts who make a truly terrible conspiracy podcast together. Their favourite conspiracy? Is this one random blue box actually an alien spaceship? Obviously not. Right…?

“Cleo Proctor got kicked out at 16 when she came out as trans to her Mum. Now she’s living with her brother, saving up for surgery and working front of house at the Queen Vic Theatre. A class clown who never takes anything seriously, Cleo’s big heart gets her in no end of trouble. Abby McPhail is a full-time carer for her Mum in Glasgow. She wants to do something amazing and leave her mark on the world. But her Mum needs her, and she can’t leave home. Brilliant, driven, ambitious and intelligent, Abby is the research powerhouse behind the girls’ investigations. Shawna Thompson is the only woman on her Computing course at college in Sheffield. Group skeptic, Shawna doesn’t believe in aliens and magic. But she does the podcast because Abby asked her to. Fiercely protective, loyal, and endlessly exasperated, Shawna tries to keep Cleo and Abby out of trouble.”

According to producer Ella Watts, the series will be “very gay, very trans”, and something that’ll definitely appeal to the queer fandom surrounding the popular sci-fi show.

The first episode of Doctor Who: Redacted will go live on Sunday, April 17th.

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