Friday, March 1, 2024

Doctor Who Easter special will feature Doctor and Yasmin romance

According to Mandip Gill, the actress portraying Doctor Who companion Yasmin Khan, the Easter special that’s coming this year will feature the tentative romance between The Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) and Yasmin.

Speaking to RadioTimes, Gill confirmed the relationship, which has been hinted at throughout the entirety of the season since Whittaker’s arrival after Capaldi, would be addressed in the Easter special ‘Legend of the Sea Devils’.

“Yes. That’s where I think the heart [of the special] is, the understanding, the emotion that [showrunner Chris Chibnall] is so good at writing.” Gill told RadioTimes.

Gill didn’t clarify on what exactly goes down in regards to the romance between The Doctor and Yasmin, but there are some clear hints that, while the episode wouldn’t entirely focus on their relationship, it would be the heart of it.

Despite being a sci-fi show that’s mostly focused on saving the different worlds from aliens, Doctor Who has plenty of fans that are invested in the romance between the enigmatic Time Lord and their companions. In the modern series there has been The Doctor and Rose, The Doctor and Martha, The Doctor and River Song, and hell if we really want to get shippy, some serious sexual tension between The Doctor and The Master. Now it seems everyone is very invested in the romance between Whittaker’s Doctor and Yasmin.

It’s not a real surprise though, as the relationship between the two of them took a turn during the ‘Eve of the Daleks’ episode. Here Yasmin’s feelings for The Doctor were on full display, to the point that fellow companion Dan (who has jokingly been referred to as the LGBTQ+ Ally of the Year by Thasmin fans) noticed and called on both of them to sort it out.

Will that happen in Legend of the Sea Devils’ when it airs on April 17th? Let’s hope so.

Aimee Hart

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