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Doctor Who ‘Thasmin’ fans convinced ship is inevitable

Being in fandom – a community focused around media, often with focus on shipping, fanart and fanfiction – is one of the most rewarding things in the world. That has never been more true for Doctor Who fans who ship Thasmin – the pairing of the Thirteenth Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) and their companion, Yaz (Mandip Gill).

There have been fans of the pair since the Thirteenth Doctor first took Yaz, Ryan and Graham on as their group of companions in Whittaker’s first season – but now with Doctor Who: Flux, the intimacy, and distance between The Doctor and their companion has pushed the fan pairing to a whole other level.

In Doctor Who: Flux, Yaz and new companion Dan (John Bishop) have seen sent back in time – separated from The Doctor. As The Doctor is prone to do, they do everything in their power to reunite with their companions though as the audience later discovers, a brief time away for The Doctor has actually been two years for Yaz. Considering how close the two have become over the seasons, the separation hit Yaz hard.

When the two finally reunite after their time away – and share an emotional hug in the process – it was a moment that a lot of fans had been waiting for.

But it doesn’t stop there for fans of both Thasmin and Doctor Who – not by a long shot. Eventually the two talk while in the TARDIS, where The Doctor, tears in their eyes, tells Yaz that they want to tell her everything which the companion responds favourably about. The two are then interrupted by Dan and the moment, heavy with tension, is broken. It’s clearly a scene, alongside Yaz’s staring at the hologram, that has Thasmin fans convinced the sapphic ship will sail before Whittaker’s Doctor Who journey comes to an end.

A relationship between The Doctor and their companion wouldn’t exactly be something new. The romance between the Ninth/Tenth Doctor and companion Rose Tyler broke our hearts when they were split away from one another in alternative worlds. And then there’s Jack Harkness, an omnisexual character who has made it clear that he is fond of everyone – including The Doctor.

The series has yet to show a same-sex relationship between The Doctor and their companion, however. The only question is: will Thasmin happen? Fans seem to think so, and considering that both Whittaker and Gill have expressed their support for it, there may be a chance that LGBTQ+ fans of the show will get the pairing they’ve been after since Yaz and The Doctor first paired up.

And if it all does end up being a queerbaity mess, well, at least Russell T Davies and his new adventures for The Doctor won’t be too far behind.

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