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Stray Gods is a queer, musical RPG from Summerfall Studios

Summerfall Studios shot into the spotlight back when it revealed Chorus, a musical RPG from the minds of BioWare’s David Gaider and Obsidian’s Liam Esler. Since then it’s been a quiet couple of years for Summerfall Studios with the team hard at work – leading to now, with the announcement that Chorus has been renamed to Stray Gods.

Humble Games, an indie game publisher owned by Humble Bundle, will be publishing the game – as revealed via the Humble Bundle Showcase.

“We’ve been following the journey of the incredibly talented team at Summerfall Studios for a while now and we’re absolutely thrilled to partner with them to help take Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical over the finish line and put it into the hands of fans all over the globe,” said Mark Nash, Vice President, Humble Games Global Publishing. “Stray Gods is a unique and innovative experience that blends a theatrical musical with a branching RPG narrative, and ultimately personifies exactly the type of games that Humble Games wants to bring into the world.”

Stray Gods follows the journey of Grace, a young, kickass woman who receives an ancient gift from the Last Muse – a figure in Greek mythology. This would be all fine and dandy, but Grace receives this gift from the Muse dying in her arms… which turns her life upside down.

With such a heavy gift on her shoulders, Grace is thrust into a world of gods and monsters as she tries to unravel the mystery behind the Last Muse’s death. She’ll meet an array of different characters, including figures like Pan, Persephone, and Apollo, who are hiding secretly among mortals, trying to live their lives. Oh, and as you could probably tell from the title along – there’s going to be plenty of singing!

Summerfall Studios Stray Gods

As far as we know, a video game musical has never been developed before – making it one hell of a first game for Summerfall Studios. Originally the game was funded via Fig back in 2019, but since then Humble Games have stepped forward to help with supporting the game. “Humble immediately understood what we were doing with Stray Gods and knew it was something special from the outset,” said Summerfall Studios Managing Director, Liam Esler. “We are excited to partner with them for Stray Gods as we continu e to develop this wild and wonderful videogame musical.”

The renaming of Stray Gods from Chorus is due to the project growing out of the original vision Summerfall Studios had planned for it. Instead, they wanted to give it a fresh new name that would better match the tone and narrative of the game.

“We realised what we were making was less of an adventure game, and much more of a roleplaying game – not an ‘RPG’ in the mainstream sense, but a game truly predicated on roleplaying choices, in dialog and in song.” Summerfall Studios Executive Producer, ElieYoung shared. “We feel that Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical is a much better reflection of what we’re making and where we want Summerfall Studios to head in the future.”

A teaser for the upcoming Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical

You can now wishlist Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical on Steam.

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