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Summerfall Studios new game Chorus, a videogame musical, is revealed

Fellow gays, Summerfall Studios new game has performed a miracle by combining two of our favourite things. Musicals and video games. This musical videogame is called Chorus.

Chorus is being made by Summerfall Studios, which is packed to the brim with talent from creative director David Gaider, who most Dragon Age fans will recognize, as well as Beamdog alumni Liam Esler, who is Summerfall’s managing director.

They are also joined by the likes of Austin Wintory, music composer, Troy Baker, renowned video game voice actor and voice director, Benjamine Ee as art director, Elie Young and Troy Ferguson who are Summerfall Studio’s executive director and software engineer. Oh and did we mention the amazing voice actor, Laura Bailey?

But what is Chorus about? According to the game’s Fig page, the player will follow Grace. Grace’s day gets super weird when the band member she was auditioning for her band dies in her arms, tells her she’s a Muse and oh, gives her power to Grace before she passes over.

Ah, just another Monday.

But the world isn’t as clean-cut, this is an urban tale where Grace must clear her name armed only with her wits and the kickass power of a banging musical number. Though you won’t be going on this journey alone, you’ll meet powerful enemies and allies alike, and there’s even a chance of some romance…

As for now, the project has not yet been fully funded. So naturally, Summerfall Studios is turning to Fig in order to ask you for help. There are a wide array of tiers, some offering just the digital game, and others offering a ton more such as hoodies, pins and even the soundtrack.

Check out the video below to see more from Chorus and then, if you want to support this musical adventure, go invest over at Fig.

For more information about Chorus, check out Gayming Magazine who will be following this game’s development closely.

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