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Nintendo isn’t processing eShop payments in Russia

Nintendo, the publisher behind hugely successful video games like the Super Mario Games and Metroid, are no longer processing eShop payments in Russia.

As the war between Ukraine and Russia continues, more and more publishers, developers, game studios and corporations around the world have decided to withdraw their services from being used in Russia. This includes Xbox, EA, CD Projekt Red, Activision Blizzard, and more. EA Sports also announced that they would be removing Russian content (such as Russian teams) from games like FIFA and NHL.

As of today, Nintendo has put the Russian eShop in maintenance mode. As IGN explains, this mode makes it so no purchases are able to be made in the country. However, to get into the nitty and gritty of it, the Russian Nintendo website has caused some to speculate whether this is a calculated move on their part, or something outside of their control. The post on the website reads: “we apologize for any inconvenience caused. We will share updates as the situation develops.” From the quote alone, it feels as though this situation was taken out of Nintendo’s hands. The website also acknowledges that the payment system Nintendo uses is no longer accepting the Russian ruble.

With this change in mind, it is no longer possible for Russian gamers to purchase Nintendo Switch games in Russia.

Regardless of video games, the war in Ukraine gets worse each and every day and as such, humanitarian organizations are looking for help. If you’d like to support Ukraine in any way possible, please consider the following links:

These are just a few ways to help support Ukraine, but you can also talk to your local MP or representative in wanting them to take action too. Read here to find out more.

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