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In Stars and Time is an LGBTQ+ inclusive RPG similar to Undertale

Armor Games Studios, the publisher behind hotly-anticipated games like Bear and Breakfast, has revealed In Stars and Time, an all-new RPG adventure from Adrienne Bazir. This LGBTQ+ inclusive indie RPG is about finding hope in a hopeless place to save the world from a mysterious time loop. 

This diverse and inclusive turn-based RPG has players follow the story of a found family of adventurers at the pinnacle of their journey to defeat a king who is slowly freezing the land in time. Unfortunately, the group are killed during their adventure, but it leads to Siffrin (the party leader) to discover something incredibly important: that they are stuck in a time loop, constantly starting the day over and over again. How very Craig David.

This may give the party more chances to conquer their enemy, but it also puts a real, mental toll on Siffrin with no real end in sight outside of the comfort of his companions. The game will focus on mature subjects, all while still adopting the whimsical, fantasy tone that’s prominent in games like Undertale and Earthbound.

How you’ll save the world in this strategic turn-based RPG is through a power that you probably haven’t used since you were a kid – the power of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Some characters will only be able to use Scissors, or Paper and Rock, and vice versa – but all will be equipped with this art when it comes to combat. And if that doesn’t interest you, then you’ll be happy to know that your knowledge from past loops will encourage you to explore different paths forward, and will help you configure a much stronger party.

“Finally, In Stars and Time has been revealed!!! I love stories that make me cry and feel for the characters, so I hope my game will also make you feel many emotions.” Bazir commented. “Look forward to more information about the game soon!”

Bazir, also known as insertdisc5 is the cartoonist, animator, and creator of START AGAIN START AGAIN START AGAIN: a prologue, the game that serves as an introduction for In Stars and Time. The prologue is not necessary to play if you’re just interested in the upcoming game, but it does serve as an introduction to a lot of the features and themes that you’ll find in In Stars and Time. Besides that, the prologue will make the wait more bearable.

In Stars and Time will be coming to PC in 2023 and is available to wishlist today on Steam. You can play the prologue of the game, START AGAIN START AGAIN START AGAIN: a prologue right now on Steam and

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