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Elliot Page’s Umbrella Academy character to come out as trans

Elliot Page revealed this Tuesday that their character from Umbrella Academy – a series where supernatural siblings come together to solve the mystery behind their father’s death – will come out as trans in Season 3. This will directly mirror Elliot Page’s experience when he came out in 2020.

The reveal came from Page’s Twitter account, where he posted the sweet and simple “Meet Viktor Hargreeves” alongside a new look at the character.

The Season is currently dealing with time-travel, which has led a few fans to speculate whether this well-known sci-fi narrative device will be used to explore Viktor’s gender identity. However, according to Gamespot, the series will instead “see Page’s character come out as part of his story arc rather than as part of its time travel or multi-dimensional elements”.

Previously it was established that the gender of Vanya would not be updated in the show to match Page’s transition, and it hasn’t been made clear why the change has been made. Regardless, this new storyline will no doubt be meaningful to many trans fans of the show.

Both the Netflix and Umbrella Academy social media accounts on Twitter acknowledged the new trans storyline, replying to Page’s tweet with their own messages of support. “Welcome to the family Viktor – we’re so happy you’re here.” Netflix wrote. “WE LOVE YOU VIKTOR!” Umbrella Academy tweeted.

As for the series itself, not much has been revealed about the overall plot of the 3rd season. Fans will just have to wait until June 22 to find out more.

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